Samsung axes explosive Galaxy Note 7, shares plummet

“It’s a wrap for the Galaxy Note 7,” Parmy Olson reports for Forbes. “In the space of one day, Samsung has gone from saying it was ‘temporarily adjusting’ the phone’s production schedule, to permanently ending it. The company has taken the unprecedented step of scrapping its latest, flagship line of phones after a spate of battery fires sparked a botched recall of 2.5 million units, deeply damaging the company’s reputation and the Galaxy brand name.”

MacDailyNews Take: Samsung’s reputation is intact: South Korean dishwasher maker that peddles inferior iPhone knockoffs to the ignorant. We await the Samsung Supernova with bated breath – as do the world’s air travelers and insurance companies.

“Tuesday’s announcement sent Samsung’s shares down by 7.5% in Seoul, wiping out many of the gains the stock has made over the last month over a separate proposal by a U.S. hedge fund to restructure Samsung,” Olson reports. “More than a month ago, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission urged all consumers who owned a Note 7 “to power them down and stop charging or using the device.'”

The permanent death of the Galaxy Note 7 “comes at a trying time for Samsung. Not only is it dealing with the radical demands of activist shareholder Elliott Management Corp., it’s also in the midst of a Supreme Court showdown with Apple,” Olson reports. “The court case is a penultimate decision that stems from Apple’s 2011 lawsuit against Samsung for patent infringement. After a California jury decided in 2012 to award Apple $400 million in damages, Samsung appealed the decision, and now the Supreme Court will consider how much of those damages Samsung should pay.”

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MacDailyNews Take: If the U.S. Supreme Court made Samsung pay the amount it’s actually stolen from Apple over the years, there would be no Samsung left standing.

Oh well. Thankfully, Karma metes out her own justice where mere mortals fail.

Burned by Samsung? Get a real iPhone.

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  1. So it could be argued that Samsung’s Note customers are some of their most loyal customers. Last night I saw the conversation of two Note 7 customers and they were furious. One complained that he was told to shutdown his phone on the first defective Note 7. This caused inconvenience, but now he is furious that he has to immediately shut down his replacement phone. The other Note 7 customer was very nervous that the phone might explode, even after it is shut down, so he has the the thing in a pyrex dish. These two angry customers are never again going to be advocating for Samsung. Multiply this by millions of people.

    For years Samsung would give sales incentives to the people that pushed Samsung phones onto naïve consumers. I just read an article which said these carriers are upset with Samsung because they are taking the brunt of the customer fury. They say around 70% of these customers are now getting iPhones. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to conclude that these carrier sales people are NOT going to be recommending ANY Samsung products. Multiply that by millions.

    And then we have the fictitious story of Larry the cook. On occasion Larry likes to down suds at the local watering hole. One night he scoped out a suitable mate and saddled next to his choice. After a few cocktails and laughs they decided to talk again, so Larry gave her his Samsung phone. Almost immediately she gasped, and proclaimed that it was the exploding Samsung. Larry became flush with embarrassment and nervously tried to explain that his phone was not the exploding Samsung phone. She laughed, “Whatever douche”, and made an exploding gesture with her fingers. Bye bye Larry. Multiply that by millions.

    The average consumer is going to be replacing their Samsung phones like people fleeing a direct hit from a cat 5 carrying Zika mosquitoes.

    1. Making reliable and safe products is also important and needs to be considered when you are innovating. May be who knows Apple is not happy with wireless charging and fast charging tech as of today so they opted not to add where as the cheap followers rushed them to market and facing the music… there is more to innovation than just fill specs sheet… think…

  2. It was interesting that before 2 flights yesterday (before the official announcement) a PA announcement was made by the flight attendants that those with Samsung Note 7 phones should turn them off and leave them off before the flight, and that they should also avoid charging them during the flights. Talk about rather specific and pointed bad press.
    The next question – who will take a chance on a Note 8? Nobody. The Note 7 will be the end of that lineage for sure.

  3. I’m wondering how long it will be before a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 causes an inflight emergency or worse, brings down a commercial flight?
    This whole fiasco has left me a little nervous about flying anytime soon.

  4. Wow.
    I was just in the comments of the 9-5Mac coverage of this story.

    Over there people are talking about it like adults.
    Here it’s, “HAHAHAHAHAHA! Karmas a bitch, Dungheaps!” etc.

    The difference is quite amazing.

    You MacDailyNews people are a bunch of children.

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