As new MacBook Pro models loom, Apple issues fourth beta of macOS Sierra 10.12.1

“Apple on Tuesday supplied to developers and public testers a fourth pre-release beta of macOS 10.12.1, a forthcoming maintenance and security update for the Sierra operating system which could ship on next-generation MacBook Pros,” AppleInsider reports.

“macOS Sierra 10.12.1 beta 4 is identified as build 16B2548a,” AppleInsider reports. “Registered machines can access it through the Mac App Store.”

AppleInsider reports, “It’s been rumored that new MacBook Pro models, featuring a thinner design and OLED touch bar, will ship with macOS 10.12.1 later this month.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Will Apple really debut such a radically new MacBook Pro with a OLED touch-strip via mere press release?

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    1. What you are experiencing isn’t in any way normal. Something is clearly wrong with your system.

      My 2011 17-inch MacBook Pro shuts down in 15-30 seconds, boots up to the FileVault login screen in 18 seconds, and completes login in 11 seconds from there.

      I don’t know what remedies were suggested, but I would examine system.log entries at shutdown to see if there are error messages with matching time stamps that would give a hint as to what is causing the problem. I’d also probably boot in verbose mode and then watch the messages displayed on the screen during shutdown.

    2. I had similar issues with the exact same MacBook Pro & removed the references created by a version of Parralels from ages ago.
      Did it about 6 months ago now, and has been perfect ever since.

  1. Great. I already have to try to adjust from touching the screen to touching the trackpad. Now I’ll also have a spot above the keyboard to reach for. Don’t get me wrong – the concept is interesting. But they really should have just made the jump to a full touch screen.

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