iTunes may be bad, but years and years of it are what’s making Apple Music so good

“Playlists, playlists, playlists. Every major music streaming service these days is touting the originality of its personalized, curated content (however ironic that is),” Amy X. Wang writes for Quartz. “Spotify’s Discover Weekly feature, one of the first custom-playlist offerings to hit the market, has been applauded for its intricate algorithms that scrutinize users’ unique listening histories in order to recommend similar songs and artists. But Apple Music — though a latecomer to music streaming, having only launched last summer — may have a leg up, of sorts.”

“And weirdly, that’s because of iTunes, the clunky, oft-hated music storage platform of the 2000s that so many people had to use when the most popular way to get music was in the form of digital purchases,” Wang writes. “In an interview with BuzzFeed News, Apple Music executives revealed that the (yes, potentially embarrassing) listening habits/histories of people who used to use the now-nearly-outdated platform are actually being carried over to Apple Music, in the form of its new playlists that came with the recent iOS 10 update.”

Wang writes, “One person on Reddit said Apple Music’s new playlist was ‘truly magical, it brought so much nostalgia, I actually wonder how it works,’ prompting many to agree with him.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yet another advantage for Apple over Spotify et al.

As we wrote last week:

Slowly, but surely, Apple Music will grow to take the crown as the world’s #1 music-streaming service. Demographics and simple mathematics guarantee it.

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  1. Apple just sucks now. Seems as though only die hard fanboys are willing to shell out thousands for an identical phone that’s actually missing features. If you’re anything like me, you don’t even use iTunes any longer, you just play your own music and download the occasional new song. You passed on new iPads, the stale Macbook Pro lineup, the Macbook, the ATV 4, the stupid Apple Watch, the Mac Pro, and Apple Music is a hot mess.

    Tim Cook is great at creating products and services that have ZERO emotional appeal. Total opposite of Jobs.

  2. I’m not going to pay for streaming, nor am I Going to pay for degradable vinyl, yesterday’s romanticized technology. I buy CD’s and rip them to iTunes, but I go for the best quality until they do better.

  3. New Apple Music is much better and I use it. But it still feels very corporate and wooden.

    Spotify’s app has more taste, but I can’t stand the Company. So Apple Music it is.

  4. Streaming sucks. When you have as many deep cuts and home recordings as we do, you need a competent music manager. iTunes used to be the best in the business, until Apple decided to kludge it up. User interface and features mostly downhill since version 10.

    Pandora, Spotify, AM — forget it. There are so many better sources for diverse music. All of these are just corporate shills pushing a very narrow selection of what is available.

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