“I always resisted joining a music-subscription service,” Jason Snell writes for Apple Music. “I was comfortable liking what I liked, and buying new stuff from familiar artists as well as new stuff from artists I discovered… elsewhere, and didn’t see the value in an unending tap of music from every artist everywhere. The second was that I was concerned that by renting my music, I would end up trapped, with years of music discovery that would disappear (or have to be purchased at a high price) if I decided to cancel my subscription.”

Snell writes, “I’ve been a paying Apple Music subscriber for a year now, more or less, and I can report that my first complaint was completely wrong and my second was exactly right.”

“I was born and raised as a music consumer, buying tapes and CDs and MP3 downloads and adding them to my personal collection, but now I’ve embraced the subscription music future… and found myself trapped in it,” Snell writes. “It’s a luxurious sort of captivity, to be sure. But it’s captivity all the same.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yes, despite having to fight some rather appalling user interface issues, we’ve long since resigned ourselves to the fact that we’ll be ponying up monthly for Apple Music. It’s just too good a deal and, Jason is right, the A-Lists are excellent resources for music discovery.