“Fifteen months ago, Apple launched Apple Music, and more than 17 million subscribers are now using the service. But it hasn’t been without problems,” Kirk McElhearn writes for Macworld. “The interface Apple offered in iTunes and in the iOS Music app was confusing, and it turned music listening into a chore.”

“Apple paid attention to users’ complaints, and has now released version 2 of Apple Music, to coincide with the release of iOS 10 and its updated Music app, and iTunes 12.5, which offers a number of tweaks and changes,” McElhearn writes.

“I’ve been using the new Apple Music for several weeks now, since it was made available to beta testers of Apple’s operating systems,” McElhearn writes. “It’s a solid upgrade, with lots of improvements to make the service easier to use, and it’s more enjoyable.”

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MacDailyNews Take: What we wrote yesterday about Apple Watch applies equally as well to Apple Music:

All throughout this Apple Watch Music saga… we haven’t been able to shake the thought that IOSWH (If Only Steve Were Here), Apple Watch Music would have been sent back to the drawing board a few more times before its initial release.

After all, that’s what Steve did best: Use a product, see it from the users’ eyes (not the engineers’, not the designers’ – although he was intimately aware of both viewpoints), but from the users’ eyes only and make it work best for them. Steve would have handed the original Apple Watch Music… back to Eddy Cue & Co. with] notes about what worked and what didn’t. What was convoluted and what wasn’t. What was useful and what was superfluous. That’s what he did with the iMac, and the iPod, and the iPhone, and the iPad, and all of the products released under his watch. Steve’s track record was unmatched; so many, many home runs and so few mishits.

But, okay, it is what it is and, unfortunately, Steve’s not here. So, we early adopters had to serve (gladly) as guinea pigs for a year.

Apple releases iTunes 12.5.1 with all-new Apple Music design, Siri capability, and more – September 13, 2016