Samsung Galaxy Note 7 owners are ignoring the explosions, fires and safety warnings

“Despite numerous warnings, owners of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 are choosing to ignore the safety advice and are continuing to use the device.,” Adrian Kingsley-Hughes reports for ZDNet.

“According to data collected by Apteligent, a leader in user-centered mobile app metrics, the usage rate of the Note 7 among existing users has remained pretty much unchanged since the day Samsung issued a recall,” Kingsley-Hughes reports. “Don’t risk it! …Since the carriers are more than willing to take back affected devices, there’s no excuse for volunteering yourself for a Darwin Award.”

Kingsley-Hughes reports, “Exploding battery packs are no joke, and you don’t want that happening while you and your family are asleep, while you’re driving down the highway, or while you’re wearing the Note 7 on your face to enjoy a bit of VR fun.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Simply more proof that Android settlers are the dullest tools in the shed. Silly morons, you wasted your money on an explosive fire-starter from a South Korean dishwasher maker.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “TJ” for the heads up.]


      1. You guys are hilariously contradictory. Most of the time you want government to basically disappear and you disparage the decisions that are made. But, when something is happening, you expect the government to pull your ass out of the fire, complaining the whole time that they are not doing it right.

        A government agency has to “consider” something before it takes action. Evidence must be collected and verified, and that takes some time. You would jump all over the agency is it issued a recall based upon faulty data or rumors. Government has built-in friction designed to avoid hasty decisions. That also means that the wheels are a little slow to get rolling sometimes. You cannot have everything.

        Besides, what ever happened to personal responsibility? Hypothetically, if I had a friggin’ Samsung Note 7 phone (no chance of that in reality, of course), I would have already returned it. The word is out and has been for days. Return your portable incendiary devices.

        1. Ah yes, personal responsibility versus the nanny state.

          Also prudent: inspect all canned goods in your pantry and discard those past their expiration dates. Food poisoning is far more common than one would suppose. Beware of bulging cans. I’ve had canned artichoke and salmon explode in my cupboard. The unlabelled mason jar of plum preserves from Doris down the street should be thrown out. Any sort of grain, meal, or flour should be closely inspected before use. However well-sealed, packages often contain dormant pests. Even hospitals have suffered such infestations. Federal agencies like the US FDA work hard to keep our consumables safe, but education and individual responsibility remain our first line of defence against epidemics.

          As for durable goods, similar common-sense advice applies; — unfortunately, people invest them with significance, such as personal status and power, symbols of group membership, or social signalling. Such strong attractors can make people neglect a product recall, defy a ban, and conceal or hoard contraband possessions. Nobody does these things with lettuce.

    1. “Consistent indifference” by the consumer safety protection bureacracy.

      They should issue a MANDATORY recall. Sooner or a bit later, someone is going to die from these POS smartphones.

    2. Just like the mainstream media comprised of Crooked Hillary supporters are ignoring the tremors, freezes and collapses that reveal Stage 3 Parkinson’s Disease.

      A Simple Field Guide to spotting Hillary Clinton’s Parkinson’s Disease Signs (5:04 minutes):

        1. Fisty and Botty can’t help it.
          They are paid by the good folks at FoxDailyNews to keep the hate going. And going. And going.
          It IS embarrassing. YOU GOT THAT RIGHT!

      1. That is total BS, Fwhatever. You must be incredibly desperate to make your wet Trump dreams come true.

        I have noticed one consistent thing about you, Fwhatever. You never, ever take any responsibility for anything. It is always someone else’s fault. You blame the media (except for the apparently infallible, “fair and balanced” Fox News), you discount anything that conflicts with your worldview, and you will latch on to practically any BS, no matter how ridiculous, to support your position. You are a true far right extremist of the worst sort.

        I wish the the far right and far left extremists would just disappear. You guys are ruining this country and he rest of the world with your idiotic, irrational beliefs.

  1. Would Samsung finally have a spotlight on their faulty phones of one of them blew up on a plane and crashed in a skyscraper in New York? Not only would it bring attention to the issue, but it would also be divine retribution, karma if you will, for what this nation did when they violated the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Hawaii.

  2. And now with the S7 and S7 Edge meltdowns even the Recall of the Note 7 with offer of one of the other two phones is worthless.

    Why people wouldn’t be turning these off and returning them immediately is beyond me.

    Maybe they are just waiting for the iPhone 7’s to be readily available in order to return the P.O.S. and get a real phone?

      1. Well they haven’t learned their lesson so far and if this doesn’t do it it looks to be a terminal condition. It’s telling the Android trolls we do see on this site have been notably and gratifyingly quiet. Guess they don’t like to see the evidence of their stupidity thrust into their faces quite so clearly.

  3. Time for 100% of carriers worldwide to disable services for these phones. They have all the data for every single user they have to do this. They must do it now. This is not play acting; carriers, grow up.

  4. The problem is those users are counting on statistics to be on their side, i.e., only a fraction of the phones will actually explode/catch fire and they believe that statistics are on their side as in “MY phone won’t be one of those that explodes.”

    It is no different from the opposite effect of those believing they should not take certain life saving medicines because there’s a one in ten million chance of a bad side effect.

    It’s risk versus benefit and those S7 users can’t figure it out so they just rely on their personal bias that their phone won’t be one of those that grossly harms them.

    I won’t call them idiots, but they clearly can’t figure out that it’s better to just turn their new toy in than take the risk.

    Oh… and did you hear Samsung’s stop gap solution? Send out an OS update that only allows charging up to 60%. But wait… It’s ONLY available in Korea! It may be available in the U.S. “someday soon”, whenever that will be. And, in the U.S. and many other countries, software updates for variations on the Android OS are controlled by the carriers. Therefore, even if it were available in the U.S. within the next month carriers might not get it distributed to users for a month or more after that.

    Good luck getting even the half measure, interim solution you S7 users!

    I’m not even going to go into the fact that it’s NOT just the S7 having this problem, there are documented cases of other current Samsung models having the same problem.

  5. I happen to live in a fairly affluent area in Palm Beach County, Fl. I am frequently out and about and am shocked by the number of people using these phones many being unaware of the problems related to the phones. I diplomatically suggested many times to bring the phone back to wherever they were purchased and I received a nasty response and was told on many occasions it’s not true or won’t happen to me. I’m even a little afraid to stand next to these people whether I am at a supermarket or department store. Utter fools

    1. Those idiots are no doubt the very first people to reject vaccines due to overblown risks and side effects, and overreact to the relatively minuscule threat of terrorism (especially if mass shootings by non-Muslims are excluded) on US soil.

    2. It’s common for people to disbelieve they are subject to the rule. Not Me – is a real issue for many bad things in our lives. I think people can’t admit they aren’t in control or aren’t special.

  6. This is where the tech writers, blogs and press should be held culpable should they not publicise this news to the max.

    It’s no longer about karma, or what Samsung deserves (although I wouldn’t shed a tear if they lost billions of dollars on this, since the law was no use in punching their theft). It’s now about actual lives at stake. Not some silly Android vs iOS feud.

  7. It’s sort of funny but let’s hope nobody actually gets killed or maimed by Samesong’s half-arsed rubbish. I noticed Telstra (Oz) was advertising plans with the explosive models on the TV.

  8. I was on a Delta flight to SFO yesterday and, prior to departure, the pilot announced over the PA that Galaxy 7 users needed to power down their phones and leave them off for the duration of the flight. Further, they were not to connect to the plane’s USB ports for charging.


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