Apple’s iPhone 7 poised to set new sales records. How could the media have been so wrong?

“Apple may sell more than 100 million iPhone 7’s by the end of the year, analysts claim, with some predicting it will be the biggest-selling iPhone model yet,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. “Initial stocks of the iPhone 7S quickly sold out in the US, China and the UK across launch weekend – how could media expectations have created such flawed expectations?”

“The new Apple smartphone is also expected to drive a wave of Android to iPhone switching,” Evans writes. “You see, far from being boring the iPhone 7 Apple introduced hosts a range of advances features, not least the inclusion of the fastest mobile processor available in a smartphone.”

“Prior to the Apple launch months of media reports had called the new device ‘boring,’ not because it lacked major improvements but solely because it offered these up in the same basic form factor,” Evans writes. “It is difficult to account for the fundamental disconnect between the expectations set by the media and what is really happening, though the disconnect is far more obvious in political reporting. Like the latter, media seems to ignore the mass, the on the ground reality is that shoppers hoping to buy a new iPhone 7 have been turned away disappointed from Apple Stores worldwide. Think about the months of disconnect and it must surely be possible that if reports had been more tuned into actual reality than attempting to meld opinion to create a new one, those customers would have got to the queue earlier and gone home happier because they would have known Apple was about to release the most successful smartphone model since the last iPhone.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Once you identify the narrative, you can see it pervade throughout the media like watching dye in the bloodstream. It’s not real. The “iPhone will be boring” narrative may even have been planted by Apple PR (if they were doing their jobs, which we assume they were) in order to “set the bar” at a nice, easy level ahead of time. Under-promise and over-deliver. It all worked rather nicely as it is wont to do. Certainly, beleaguered Samsung’s self-inflicted gunshot to the head was also a nice little added bonus.

Calendar fourth quarter will set an all-new quarterly iPhone unit sales record. — MacDailyNews, August 8, 2016

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be Apple’s best iPhones ever. And iPhone sales will return to YOY unit sales growth in Apple’s fiscal 2017. — MacDailyNews, September 1, 2016

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  1. “How could the media have been so wrong?”

    Years of practice, that’s how.

    There are two reasons behind this. One is that there is a sort of ‘echo chamber’, where somebody comes up with a story and everybody else pitches in with a version of that story. The other is that there are many news organisations that love to publish negative reports about Apple. Once a few organisations start spreading the ‘bad news’, others join in and it becomes the consensus.

    The problem is that fact checking is something that journalists seldom do any more, so even rather silly stories can quickly attract a great deal of publicity.

    The reports of an underwhelming iPhone 7 were being widely circulated long before any reliable information was known. It was something that emerged as a fully formed opinion without any basis in reality and was widely repeated as though it were a fact.

    1. That and nobody has any sack to go outside of the millennial blogosphere to have an original thought.
      So sad, if I were wearing Al headgear, I’d say it’s planned to drive stocks down and buy low worms come out, but they’re simply not that smart. Makes me LOL – since about 1989…

    2. Same thing happening in political discourse too. No principles, just amplified echo chambers of the extremes spreading division, hate, and fear. It’s painful to see Apple fans on this site stoop to such tactics on any matters. You know who you are.

      1. Yeah, you’re right Paul. I am finding more and more I am happiest when I take a few days, get into the car, and go away from phones, laptops and TV. Not a shut-in, just really that the world is a negative downer and the ‘net seems to propagate mostly that mentality these days.
        Thinking those Ice Road Truckers have it right. This stuff is enough to drive one to med’s.

  2. Might as well buy the new iPhone. In the grand scheme it doesn’t cost very much. We all use our iPhones for the majority of our waking hours. It might be that you look at your iPhone more than you look at the world in front of you. Isn’t your life worth a thousand dollars a year?

    Apple can’t fail with any release of the iPhone. As long as it’s faster and has a better camera and a better battery.

    There are two things that are “worse” about iPhone 7. It doesn’t have a headphone jack without an adapter, and the new home button feels strange. Neither of these issues is a big enough problem to slow sales.

    Apple will continue to innovate, but it’s hardly necessary. Its utter dominance is secure.

  3. The narrative of bashing apple has been something certain segments of the press has done for 3 decades. This isn’t new. The problem now is that there are media sources who are basically just AstroTurf for certain manufacturers, and it’s taken seriously without checking. I watched an AirPods review last night and before I even watched the video I knew exactly what the ‘opinion’ was going to be…. it’s maddening. These things have always been around, and since 1998 apple has defied it, but most of these people would love to return to the 90’s and the order of that period with wintel on top of the world. They’ve never gotten over getting steamrolled. Fox business had John sculley on of all people to say he wouldn’t buy the iPhone 7… seriously? That clueless asshole? Why would anyone ever listen to his opinion on anything regarding apple? It was enraging.

  4. “How could the media have been so wrong?”

    The media has been asking that ever since they first uttered ‘Trump will implode. No way he’ll win the party nomination.’


    ‘Trump is a bigot, racist, homophobic deplorable. No way he’ll beat Hillary Clinton.’


    Media: “President Trump,…”

    When is the media correct?

  5. It’s pervasive, with justification.

    Americans’ trust in the media has sunk lower than ever, according to a new Gallup poll.

    Only 32 percent of Americans say they have “a great deal” or “a fair amount” of trust and confidence in the media “to report the news fully, accurately and fairly,” an eight percentage point drop from 2015 and the lowest in Gallup’s polling history.

  6. “How could the media have been so wrong?”

    Well, the clickbait writers got together and drew straws to see who got to make the group prediction. The winner of the draw threw his dart at the dartboard and it hit the ‘boring’ ring.

    The rest is history.

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