“I’m writing this two days before Apple is expected to take the wraps off the next iPhone, and you’ll read it a day before,” Gene Steinberg writes for The Tech Night Owl. “But the discussion is already spinning towards its successor. in fact, there are a number of online complaints that the iPhone 7 won’t be such a big deal, that you might as well wait for the 10th anniversary version, presumably an iPhone 8.”

“You can expect that a future version of any consumer electronics gadget will probably be better than the previous version,” Steinberg writes. “If you want to continue to avoid buying one in the hope that the right combination of new features will appear, you might as well never buy anything. It’s a given there will be annual improvements to iPhones. Some of those improvements will be better, some not so.”

“More important, all this negative chatter comes before Apple has actually demonstrated anything. Maybe it’ll look similar to the previous model, with an extra color or two, but the number of new features may otherwise match or exceed the typical iPhone upgrade,” Steinberg writes. “So is there a reason to wait for another year? Well, maybe next year you’ll get the OLED display, but what else? Is that unproven rumor sufficient to skip this year’s model?”

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MacDailyNews Take: No.

We’re siting here poised to make our orders for 256GB iPhone 7 Plus units (not to mention Apple Watch 2 units, too).