The ‘iPhone 7 will be disappointing’ meme continues

“I’m writing this two days before Apple is expected to take the wraps off the next iPhone, and you’ll read it a day before,” Gene Steinberg writes for The Tech Night Owl. “But the discussion is already spinning towards its successor. in fact, there are a number of online complaints that the iPhone 7 won’t be such a big deal, that you might as well wait for the 10th anniversary version, presumably an iPhone 8.”

“You can expect that a future version of any consumer electronics gadget will probably be better than the previous version,” Steinberg writes. “If you want to continue to avoid buying one in the hope that the right combination of new features will appear, you might as well never buy anything. It’s a given there will be annual improvements to iPhones. Some of those improvements will be better, some not so.”

“More important, all this negative chatter comes before Apple has actually demonstrated anything. Maybe it’ll look similar to the previous model, with an extra color or two, but the number of new features may otherwise match or exceed the typical iPhone upgrade,” Steinberg writes. “So is there a reason to wait for another year? Well, maybe next year you’ll get the OLED display, but what else? Is that unproven rumor sufficient to skip this year’s model?”

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MacDailyNews Take: No.

We’re siting here poised to make our orders for 256GB iPhone 7 Plus units (not to mention Apple Watch 2 units, too).


    1. Hello…

      iJah420 on Tuesday, September 6, 2016 at 4:55 pm
      Just outright purchase a sim free iPhone. Its cheaper over the long run. AAPL will be around for a LONG time. There will ALWAYS BE a new and improved iPhone XYZ in the future.

      Hell, get a “CHEAP” sim free iPhone SE. Apple’s “CHEAP” phones beat any HemDroid hands down.


      You can always go with a Note 7, buy (1) get two Free to share with your friends. Hot Deal Man😉

    2. Not always better…sometimes a company takes a good mature design and begins to cheapen it to increase profits and offset sales declines. Plastic hinges rather than metal or cheaper switches or marginal electronics components running near their limits. All it takes is one bad component (a battery, for instance) to completely ruin an integrated electronic device. It isn’t as if you can easily disassemble it and replace a defective diode or something.

      I have been able to keep my Bosch dishwasher going for years longer by freeing a stuck level switch, cleaning out buildup in a plastic manifold, and by re-soldering the main power relay on the PCB. The same is true for other appliances that are accessible and serviceable. Saves a lot of money and avoids a lot of waste.

      1. One can also refurbish a brass faucet stem by scouring it with steel wool and replacing the rubber washers. Molded plastic units such as refrigerator freezer trays are best remanufactured through 3D printing, saving inventory costs worldwide. Old, analog methods and newer, digital methods can combine to improve our lives, limit waste, and make consumers feel like active participants in the new global economy, one that will continue no matter who is elected President of the U.S.

    3. Tim Cook has sucked all the innovation, excitement, fascination, drama, and easter egg surprises out of Apple keynote addresses.

      He’s a piss poor presenter, he’s boring, and he doesn’t have a personality. He needs to go to OZ and see the Wizard.

    4. I’ll be sticking with my iPhone 6 Plus. The iPhone 7 is just not enough of an upgrade over this. If it was all glass, OLED, wireless charging, etc. then it makes more sense.

      But the iPhone 7 is not enough. I have NFC and can do Apple Pay. I have what will likely be the same screen as the iPhone 7. Same design. I have Touch ID. LTE. Etc etc. And my phone is THINNER than the iPhone 6S Plus!

      So unless the iPhone 7 is that radical leap ahead, it will be a total waste of money for me.

      1. All that matters is the manufactured bad press for Apple seems to work very well to bring Apple down. Investors are staying well away from Apple and happily betting their money on other tech companies. Apple’s company value is going nowhere while other tech companies continue to soar. Maybe if Apple was smart they’d pay good money to start their own positive news stories.

  1. Unless there is something obviously wrong with the iPhone 7, I’m planning to move up from an iPhone 5s.

    The 5s still does most of what I want and need, and I like the screen size, but just want a new phone…

    1. I’m exactly like you I have a 3 yr old 5s that still works awesome, is in great shape and does everything I need it to do. But after 3yrs I want a new phone and would like to try a bigger screen, a faster processor, better camera, apple pay, more ram and best of all hopefully 128gb’s of disk space for the price I paid for my 32gb 5s.

  2. To be honest, I am not expecting nothing more than a price cut on the iPhone 6S. I really don’t care about iPhone 7 because iPhone SE, iPhone 6s and 6s plus are already the best phones out there and I don’t have money to buy the lates iPhone so I am just waiting for Tim to announce how much are they going to cut off the iPhone 6S or the iPhone SE.

    1. I’m with you Troy.
      Had a healthy bank account for some time now and not found one Apple product worth getting, save for the Apple TV my wife insisted on to watch Netflix. The pos Apple remote is so bad she uses the Samsung ‘smart’ TV interface instead. She and I are massive Apple fans so that’s a serious indictment.

      So yeah, tomorrow might turn out to be ok but I’ve learned not to get my hopes up. You can bet the circle jerkers in this forum won’t agree but the days of Apple delivering products worthy of the price tag are long gone.

  3. I’m upgrading two 6 Plus’s and a 5s to three 7 Plus’s. I’m also probably going to switch carriers from a 15GB per month plan to an unlimited LTE plan with unlimited LTE hotspot. The average LTE hotspot speed is much faster than my boat’s DSL (only thing I can get in the marina), so the 10 Mbps DSL goes bye-bye. When all is said and done we will have three of the best phones ever created and save around $100 a month. If we axe the home wifi then the savings will be even greater! 😀

        1. “Choice of wife is dictated by nature’s natural selection for the best outcome of offspring.”

          Nice thought and alive and well in the moral years decades ago.

          Not today, sorry.

    1. Why/How FUD works:

      It shoves people’s sense of personal security off balance. Using what is called the Maslow Needs Heirarchy, we can see the result of victims of FUD losing track of their faculties for higher thinking. Instead they revert to ‘animal’ or basal thinking. The result is irrational, unrealistic, unverified and ignorant. I find it to be akin to desperation thinking.

      Learn the pyramid. Derail manipulated, irrational thinking.

      Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

      1. Haha! An excellent candidate theory to explain how FUD works—it’s a sophisticated form of trickery.

        It’s got to be much harder to undo any rearrangement of the hierarchy of needs in a mind branded with a political stamp. What I mean by that is, some people’s brains seem to have their wires crossed:—believing far-fetched nonsense dispensed by charismatic leaders that inflates their esteem and belonging needs at the expense of their biological and physiological needs.

        In other words, loving and trusting a persuasive leader can lead people to act in reckless abandon—exactly like the children of Hamlin, following the Pied Piper to oblivion.

        1. It’s a tough subject from a professional point of view, or so I imagine. Of course we have massive marketing studies, the science and art of influencing people’s judgement and choices. But on a psychological level, what are we humans that we can be lead around by the nose ring of disinformation?

          Synchronistically, Leo Laporte and Steve Gibson were talking about this yesterday over at TWiT. Leo pointed out that we humans are naturally trusting of others and what they say to us. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? As a species, I’d say the consensus is that it’s a good thing. It speaks well for our natural temperament. But it also means we are prey to the various kinds and levels of psychopathy from fellow humans outside of that temperament. And yes, I’m pointing to at least some aspects of marketing as being psychopathic in some respects.

          Wisdom brings wariness.

      2. Curry, first off, that ‘needs’ pyramid, like the food pyramid, has been debunked.
        Secondly, each group of people views other groups as ‘sheeple’. Apple fans see PC users as sheeple and android users view anyone buying an iPhone as sheeple.

        There’s no ‘FUD’ going around here, Cook’s Apple has become just another company, a fact even longtime advocates are acknowledging.
        This leads to actual desperate people such as yourself spending time fighting the nonexistent campaign against Apple on forums such as this.

        Tomorrow will probably be a yawner. The ‘new’ iPhone will have wireless earbuds and a better camera, etc. and Cook will take the opportunity to ramble on about stuff they already covered at WWDC.

        Keep your expectations low and you’ll be fine.

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