Beleaguered Samsung to issue desperate kludge in attempt to contain the exploding phone crisis

“Samsung plans to issue a software update for its recalled Galaxy Note 7 smartphones that will prevent them from overheating by limiting battery recharges to under 60 percent,” Youkyung Lee reports for The Associated Press. “The update for South Korean users will start at 2 a.m. on Sept. 20, it said. South Korean media earlier reported the software upgrade plan, citing Samsung. It was not clear when the update may roll out overseas. The Yonhap news agency reported that Samsung is in talks with mobile carriers to carry out the same update plan to keep battery power at 60 percent or below at all times.”

MacDailyNews Take: Good luck with those carrier “talks.” Sheesh, Fragmandroidland. You’ve gotta love it!

“It has recalled 2.5 million of the devices after dozens of cases of them exploding or catching fire,” Lee reports. “Analysts said the update appears to be a last-ditch effort to contain the crisis. Samsung ‘has to contain the battery explosions but people are not returning the phone,’ said Peter Yu, an analyst at BNP Paribas. ‘It is taking a desperate measure.'”

“Keeping the battery level low could reduce the risk of overheating, but would be equivalent to getting a downgrade,” Lee reports. “Analysts said the recall may leave a larger impact on its brand than earlier estimated. Aviation regulators and airlines have deemed the Note 7 a flight hazard and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is considering an official product recall.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: This dangerous POS should have already been officially recalled by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and other consumer product safety bodies the world over!

Imagine the headlines and the government action worldwide to protect consumers if this had been Apple instead of a South Korean dishwasher maker.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “RBW” for the heads up.]


  1. Can the US not use the emergency broadcast system to message every phone in the US and tell them that if they have a Samsung phone, they have to return it? Some people might not actually read the news or watch TV and this is becoming a big problem. If this happens when someone is driving, it could take out several cars. Be careful out there.

    1. If the federal government sends out an emergency alert to hundreds of millions of phones to alert a few hundred thousand Note 7 owners, the resulting crashes from surprised drivers will take out more than several cars.

  2. Apple NEEDS to jump ALL OVER this fiasco.

    Ponder a plane going down. Where does the culpability start? Where does the culpability end? Eric T. Mole would be a good start.

    Apple would have been SLAIN by the press.

    1. Samsung have poked fun at Apple in the past, another reason this is karma, but I think Apple has more class and should keep it that way.

      Particularly since people are getting hurt and property damaged. No one wanted that. Happy to see Samsung crash and burn, but not this literally…

      1. While relative innocents who made the mistake of buying their devices from a shameless huckster and slavish copier shouldn’t suffer I have no such concern for the executives at SamSplode. I wonder how brave they might be now to take their own phones on their corporate private jets, or maybe they have a Death Wish?

      2. OK, call me sick but I just has a vision of a commercial. Kind of the like the old Mac guy/PC guy commercials and all of a sudden the PC guy, or in this case, the Samsung guy bursts into flames and then explodes.

        I know, its terrible and real people are getting hurt did make me laugh a little.

        Sorry, you can flame me now. Dooh! Pun? Maybe…

    2. You just know as soon as Apple twists the knife into Samsung, something will go wrong with the iPhone 7. Better not to tempt fate. Stay classy and let Samsung implode all by itself. Or is that explode?

    3. There’s a rule in advertising: #1 should never acknowledge the existence of #2.

      The fact that Samsung has mocked iPhones in their ads proves that they see themselves as #2.

    4. At the moment, Apple is wisely silent. Samsung’s incompetence is doing all the talking Apple requires. The iPhone 7 is commonly being discussed in articles as a counterpoint to the Galaxy Note 7, which is wonderful free publicity.

      There’s also the ‘sore winner’ lash-back that’s guaranteed to happen if Apple comments anything negative about Samsung, at least during this period of revelation of the ‘nightmare’. Let all the negative naturally fall where it belongs, on ShamScum.

  3. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is ONLY CONSIDERING an official product recall?!?!?

    What does a product have to do, blow up?
    No wait, it’s already doing that.

      1. Actually botty, it’s voluntary until the commission deems it a risk to public health. The fact that Samsung has not submitted a device for review or agreed to an official recall speaks volumes. I think they knew about this, and it’s way worse than they thought. And also with an official recall they are liable for any damage or injury caused by the product and can’t avoid it. Hence the “exchange program” language. They are in serious trouble.

            1. You may not be a “dude” but you want to vote for Trump. Every thing that comes out of that mans mouth is total crap… Almost as bad as samsung. Dude (non specific, generic term), Hillary is bad but Trump is just crazy.

              Just saying. PS, after paying for the 300 trillion dollar wall, maybe Mexico will pay for our space program and our military costs too… You never know. /s

            2. As a child, my brother had a matchbook collection. One of them he found at Club Mallard in Albany. It simply said, black on white, E.S.A.D.

              I always wondered what that stood for — now I know. 😜

            3. I like edification. Here’s mine, copied from my post on another website:

              Trump brilliantly exposed the phony facade of American politics and brought long-simmering resentments to a boiling point. What he showed everyone is that the political stage is little more than a reality TV show, something that seems earnest and spontaneous but is craftily formed into a compelling story in the editing rooms. Trump rose above his competitors because his show was more engaging, more watchable — more appealing to our primitive instincts — than their dishcloth productions, even that of Chris Christie with his eye-popping Bridgegate scandal.

              Some have opined that the GOP unwittingly arranged their own demise. Rather, I think what happened is that Trump smelled a golden opportunity and brashly seized it — win or lose, he was certain to increase the value of his brand, which is everything in Business. Politicos let him enter the race underestimating his keen edge, his emotional intelligence, and his fearlessness in the casino we call life.

              Trump was supposed to have been a sideshow, a clown act, but instead he seized the Ringmaster’s top hat in the greatest show on Earth. Give the man credit for that, at least.

            1. botty, you are a piece of work. The “Chicken Little” of politics!

              botty and his ilk scream: Something must be done! Something must be done! Government sucks!

              botty and his ilk scream: Something was done, but I don’t like it! Something was done, but I don’t like it! Government sucks!

              Friggin’ tools…

    1. You guys are hilariously contradictory. Most of the time you want government to basically disappear and you disparage the decisions that are made. But, when something is happening, you expect the government to pull your ass out of the fire, complaining the whole time that they are not doing it right.

      A government agency has to “consider” something before it takes action. Evidence must be collected and verified, and that takes some time. You would jump all over the agency is it issued a recall based upon faulty data or rumors. Government has built-in friction designed to avoid hasty decisions. That also means that the wheels are a little slow to get rolling sometimes. You cannot have everything.

      Besides, what ever happened to personal responsibility? You talk about that a lot. Hypothetically, if I had a friggin’ Samsung Note 7 phone (no chance of that in reality, of course), I would have already returned it. The word is out people, and has been for days. Return your portable incendiary devices.

      1. I think we both know how it all works: when WE blow it, it’s the government’s fault; when somebody we don’t know blows it, it’s their own damn fault. Tut-tut. We really are a piece of work, aren’t we? John W. Campbell referred to all of us as Homo Sap. I can’t disagree.

  4. How the f**ck will any Samsung fan download a piece of software that will downgrade their beloved iPhone knock off. There should be an emergency recall wherever it has been sold. Let’s hope iPhone 7 doesn’t gave any nasty surprises in store.

  5. A phone blew up in the hands of a child!!!!!

    If this was food or a toy, you better believe there would be an all hands on deck national recall.

    But since it’s Samsung. Meh, no harm done, let them figure it out. /s

  6. Unless they push a non-optional, irrevocable change it is unacceptable as a solution or even a stop-gap solution. Similar self-will “experts” will ignore it so they get their full battery capacity, regardless of the risk they pose to themselves and others. No question about it and the US government MUST step in and force the return of 100% of these fire hazards.

  7. lol…
    samsung owner:
    ‘ummm lets see.. should i return my exploding samsung or upgrade the software to allows only 60% charge? …….ummmm…… ??……ya ya… 60%charge sound real good ………..’

  8. What gets me is no one seems to be noticing the sales figures of this so-called flagship device. 2.5M units in over three weeks. WTF? Have Samsung been inflating their sales figures for their devices all along? Apple sells this amount of iPhone 7s in three minutes. Not three weeks.

  9. The market will take care of it.

    Just boarded a plane where they announced Note 7 devices would have to remain turned off and cannot be charged during flight. They also canot be checked in with luggage.

    How the airlines will enforce it is another story…

    1. This was posted on another blog:

      “I was flying a redeye early Sunday morning out of Seattle. At the gate the airline representative announced that people should not turn on or plug in their Samsung Galaxy 7 Notes. Then she went on to say “Better yet, leave them in the trash can, ’cause we don’t want them on our plane”!”

      Can you imagine the face on the sorry schmuck who owns one of these mini bombs? I guarantee that anyone with a device that says Samsung on it will get the evil eye on flights. “Yes, I would like to relocate my seat away from this bomb holder. Thanks.”

  10. Something doesn’t add up here.

    Last week the issue was identified as a hardware manufacturing fault where in rare cases the anode comes in contact with the cathode causing an electrical short and overheating the battery.

    How is a software update meant to fix that?

    I think Samsung is covering up a potential problem with their whole Note 7 line and maybe other Galaxy products.
    I think Samsung might have discovered that this whole fast battery charging thing was a bad idea.
    Endless fast cycle charging must really stress the battery. Why else would they limit the charge to 60%?

    At least Samsung marketing can now advertise that the Note 7 can now charge 167% quicker!

    Although I suspect the charge time is still the same. Samsung are desperate not to stress the battery.
    Samsung are learning a lesson that Apple learned a long time ago. If the battery is not replaceable, then chargers and charging algorithms have to be rock solid, close to 100% reliable as humanly possible and that means conservative battery management.

    1. Interesting points. Something else to consider: previous Samsung devices did catch on fire, but these issues were kept quiet because Samsung would not honor the warranty and/or replace the device if the customer publicly talked about it. I don’t believe those past devices exploded. Maybe there are similar catching on fire issues with these newer devices, but having less bezels or less structure is causing them to explode in some cases.

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