Apple+Cisco partnership ‘comes to fruition’ with iOS 10

“A year after announcing their partnership in the enterprise space, Cisco and Apple on Tuesday are unveiling a series of network and collaboration enhancements for iOS 10 that will give iPhone and iPad users a more seamless, efficient experience on Cisco applications,” Stephanie Condon reports for ZDNet. “‘With the release of iOS 10, the partnership between Cisco and Apple comes to fruition,’ Jonathan Rosenberg, vice president and CTO for Cisco Collaboration, wrote in a blog post.”

“On the collaboration front, Cisco announced it’s using the new iOS API CallKit to embed Cisco Spark into the native phone experience on the iPhone. In effect, a user will get all the collaborative and VoIP performance benefits of Cisco Spark, as well as the convenience that comes with a native phone experience,” Condon reports. “”

“‘We’ve had VoIP applications for a while, but people don’t often use them,’ Rosenberg told ZDNet. Yet when mobile phone calls are placed on the iPhone, ‘they’re completely disconnected from corporate infrastructure,'” Condon reports. “As one of the first applications built with the CallKit capability, Cisco Spark users can now get the higher fidelity audio and video features of VoIP, as well as benefits like added security features. With this integration, calls on Cisco Spark are sent through corporate telephony infrastructure, giving companies the ability to meet audit requirements.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple continues to execute on the road to achieving Steve Jobs’ ultimate goal.

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  1. I read the headline incorrectly. I thought it said Costco, but it says Cisco. I was hoping this was a big announcement that I’d be able to use ApplePay at Costco. Oh well. Maybe some other year.

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