Exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 damages Perth hotel room

“Melbourne man Tham Hui, who is visiting Perth on business, said in a Reddit post his new Note 7 exploded yesterday morning while it was plugged in and charging,” Nick Sas reports for The West Australian.

“Mr Hui said the explosion charred the hotel room bed sheet and the carpet ‘when I whacked it (the phone) down to the floor,’ with the hotel providing him with a $1800 damage bill,” Sas reports. “‘(I) burnt one of my finger while doing that too,’ he said.”

“The explosion is understood to be the first in Australia, after Samsung last week revealed the Note 7 battery had been exploding whilst on charge,” Sas reports. “On Friday it said there had been 35 cases worldwide. This morning the South Korean electronics maker confirmed it would recall the more than 50,000 devices already sold in Australia…”

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MacDailyNews Take: If it’s not an iPhone, it’s an incendiary device cobbled together by a South Korean dishwasher maker.

Get a real iPhone.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Al” for the heads up.]


  1. Be careful about giving Samsung too much crap about this one… If a supplier unexpectedly produces a bad component for those guys, the same type of thing could happen to Apple as well. Let’s keep the potential crowing to a minimum.

    1. A great many fans of Apple products here and elsewhere have complained vehemently about the company’s lengthy product-release cycle. Clearly, and as Samsung has shown, it is better to invest the extra time to test a product–and its vendor-supplied components–against all manner of unintended and unforeseen consequences. Haste always makes waste.

    2. ” Let’s keep the potential crowing to a minimum.” Sorry, but absolutely NOT. Had dinner with a high school friend last week (51st class reunion), who berated me loudly for owning a POS iPhone 6s Plus . . . the Israeli security hack fixed in 9.3.5 being the reason. Well, well, well. E-mailed him links to this story about his soon-to-explode Scamdung phone. Can’t wait to hear back.

    3. If Apple fans go easy on Samsung over an issue like that, do you seriously imagine that if Apple ever released a product with a serious flaw, the press would say that as Apple fans were kind to Samsung, we won’t make too much of a fuss about this issue?

      I would point to the examples of the iPhone 4 antenna issue and people bending iPhone 6. Neither product was changed as a result of the massive onslaught of bad publicity, but the press still had a fie;d day making the maximum possible fuss about it, even though both issues were nonsense.

    4. Well I think this experience is all about showing the difference between Apple and Scamscum in that regard. Apple most likely takes the time to find problems like this whereas SlapdashScam plays the odds, and this time lost. At this point it has to be foremost in Apple’s mind not to have any missteps, it’s not worth a hasty release schedule. A single misstep can have devastating results as I hope it does to the Seoul-sucking slavish copier’s reputation (as if it could be any worse).

  2. So the next time your in a hurry for Apple to update there devices think first what maybe the consequences. I think I would rather have Apple make it right and take a little more time then have there devices catch fire and have to go through returning my device and waiting for a replacement.

    1. My god – the grammar.
      “…. next time you’re…”, “…update their…”, “what may be…”.

      And that was just the first sentence. Are you going out of your way to do this? Seriously – are you?

    2. I was going to say something here, but didn’t want to be labeled with a “Grammar Nazi” tag. This post just HAS to be a joke. Nobody could have missed THAT much junior high school English. (And don’t forget the “then” substitution for “than”!)

    1. No, samsung does not make apple’s batteries. Samsung stamps about 40-45% of their processors, but this generation TSMC has more of that business. Apple’s batteries are designed and built by their own subsidiary with panasonic and sony parts that are custom made to spec. they make their own battery controllers and cell connectors. And, since you’re an ill informed person, samsung doesn’t design or build their own batteries… they buy off the shelf parts, which is the issue in this case.

    2. A) Apple designs their own batteries. They then hire out to have them manufactured to spec.

      B) Samsung stopped manufacturing batteries for Apple in 2012.

      C) Recent battery manufacturers for Apple include:
      – Amperex Technology
      – Tianjin Lishen Battery
      – Simplo
      – Desai
      – Sunwoda
      – LiPol Battery Co., Ltd

  3. Let’s see. Widespread reports of exploding batteries during charge. A massive recall, also widely reported. And then this guy continues to use the Korean IED. He deserves to fot the damage bill himself, for being an idiot.

  4. A) Apple designs their own batteries. They then hire out to have them manufactured to spec.

    B) Samsung stopped manufacturing batteries for Apple in 2012.

    C) Recent battery manufacturers for Apple include:
    – Amperex Technology
    – Tianjin Lishen Battery
    – Simplo
    – Desai
    – Sunwoda
    – LiPol Battery Co., Ltd

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