PDF Expert 2 for Mac adds powerful PDF editing features

“PDF Expert launched on the Mac last November, and in my initial review I was pretty effusive, impressed at the level of functionality, polish, and speed for an initial release,” Graham Spencer writes for MacStories. “At the time I even called it ‘a better Preview for PDFs,’ and had made PDF Expert the default application for viewing PDFs on my Mac.”

“Nine months later, and it all still rings true. Better yet, Readdle is today launching a big version 2 update for PDF Expert which makes it an even better and more powerful app,” Spencer writes. “Now you can now edit text, images, and outlines in PDFs, as well as password-protect your PDFs in PDF Expert 2.”

“The ability to edit text in a PDF feels kind of amazing at first, and is astonishingly easy to accomplish in PDF Expert,” Spencer writes. “If you spend a lot of time reading PDFs, I would highly recommend PDF Expert.”

Read more in the full review here.

MacDailyNews Take: For when Preview just isn’t enough.


  1. Once it just worked, the Preview App on your Mac handled Merging and other useful tasks easily…

    5 years of downsizing Apple QA and monetizing the Brand Core values are behind us, and what is left?

    One giant 200 billion GoldmanSucks account and pink devices.

  2. I USED PDF Pro, now wouldn’t give up my PDF Expert for anything. PDF Pro looks and feels OLD and can be frustrating. PDF Expert is clean, fast, and modern. Honestly dude, NO comparison…

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