Apple CEO Tim Cook and the rest of Silicon Valley throw big money at Clinton and pretty much bupkis at Trump

“Tim Cook will mark his five-year anniversary as the CEO of Apple by doing something that his predecessor Steve Jobs typically avoided: hosting a fundraiser for a presidential candidate,” Seth Fiegerman reports for CNNMoney. “On Wednesday, Cook and Lisa Jackson, Apple’s head of environmental initiatives, will host an event in California to raise money for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Those invited have reportedly been asked to contribute as much as $50,000.”

“Cook is just the latest in a growing list of tech executives and venture capitalists working to raise big money to help Clinton beat Donald Trump, who has repeatedly attacked tech companies and opposes the industry on key issues like immigration and trade,” Fiegerman reports. “Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, Google CFO Ruth Porat, Zynga chairman Mark Pincus, Napster founder Sean Parker, SolarCity CEO (and Elon Musk’s cousin) Lyndon Rive and LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman have all contributed or raised at least $100,000 for Clinton’s bid.”

Apple CEO Tim Cook
Apple CEO Tim Cook
“That’s according to a lengthy list of top fundraisers, dubbed ‘Hillblazers,'” put out by the campaign. The list also includes tech investors like Brook Byers, a founding partner of Kleiner Perkins, and Chamath Palihapitiya, an early Facebook exec. Even Laurene Powell Jobs, the widow of Apple’s late apolitical founder, is there,” Fiegerman reports. “Trump’s campaign has yet to release a comparable list of bundlers, but broader data on campaign contributions for this election shows a wide gap in the tech industry’s financial support. ‘Clinton has raised far more than Trump from the tech industry — around $4 million, compared to just a tiny fraction of that for Trump,’ says Sheila Krumholz, executive director at the Center for Responsive Politics (CRP), which tracks money in politics. How much is a ‘tiny fraction’ of tech funding? Just shy of $200,000.”

“[The] gaping disparity is particularly clear when looking at contributions from employees at specific tech companies,” Fiegerman reports. “At Apple, for example, employees gave $156,893 to Clinton’s campaign through the end of June, according to CRP’s data. By comparison, Trump’s campaign received just $665 from the group.”

Much more in the full article here.

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  1. I have no problem with this at all. Trump hates the disabled, and used “autistic” in an insulting way. He does not care about all of the people on the Autism Spectrum, and he is very fine with being an Anti-a added. The goal of the Anti-Vaxxers is to DENY medicine and healthcare to Autistic and other mentally disabled people so they could get sick and even die. It’s a new form of eugenics and Trump fully supports this! Good on Apple for Dumping Trump.

      1. I’m no nut on. (But I can be nutty at times!) I just want someone who has my best interests at heart, and the Don doesn’t have it. He is against autistic people, and he is a major Anti-Vaxxer, which is bad for those on the Autistic Spectrum. He is bad news for those who are disabled. It doesn’t have to take an autistic to know that Donald Trump is not qualified for the position of President!

        1. You need to review his comments in the 2015 primary debates where he came out as very anti-vaccination. Believe me. (And if you don’t, try searching for them.) His anti-vaccine comments go back many years.
          Your problem is that you believe what Trump wants you to believe, forgetting that he can change his stance on something three times a day.

    1. Meanwhile, iPhone 6Plus turns to shit – which model is next!?!

      All while Cook trolls….

      And CWP – typical Liberal demagoguery.

      For a party of ‘love,’ you guys sure can be hateful.

      ‘President Trump’ – practice saying it now so your tiny little head doesn’t explode in November!

  2. The Dem/Lib/Progs are getting nervous. They should be.

    “Chris Sacca, an early investor in Twitter, Instagram and Uber and one of the Hillblazers, ticked off a long list of reasons why Trump has turned off the tech industry and business in general.
    They include… Trump’s plans to make it harder for companies to hire foreign workers.”

    And there you have it in a nutshell.

    H1-B visas for skilled workers DO NOT EQUAL uneducated illegal aliens streaming across the southern border intent on cashing in on American taxpayer’s largesse while setting up shop in the domestic drug trade and/or other crimes (gangs, rape, robbery, etc.).

    Trump is FOR upholding the laws already on the books designed to protect our borders. Trump is FOR suspending immigration from areas of the world when there is a proven history of terrorism against the United States, Europe or our allies, until we understand how to end these threats to American citizens.

    “The bottom line is that the only reason the killer was in America in the first place was because we allowed his family to come here. That is a fact, and it’s a fact we need to talk about.” — Donald Trump, June 2016

    In 1979, Democrat U.S. President Carter ordered all Iranians with student visas to report to U.S. immigration officials or else face possible deportation. On April 7, 1980, Carter ordered administration officials to “invalidate all visas issued to Iranian citizens for future entry into the United States, effective today. We will not reissue visas, nor will we issue new visas, except for compelling and proven humanitarian reasons or where the national interest of our own country requires. This directive will be interpreted very strictly.”

    Donald Trump’s official policy:

    Increase prevailing wage for H-1Bs. We graduate two times more Americans with STEM degrees each year than find STEM jobs, yet as much as two-thirds of entry-level hiring for IT jobs is accomplished through the H-1B program. More than half of H-1B visas are issued for the program’s lowest allowable wage level, and more than eighty percent for its bottom two. Raising the prevailing wage paid to H-1Bs will force companies to give these coveted entry-level jobs to the existing domestic pool of unemployed native and immigrant workers in the U.S., instead of flying in cheaper workers from overseas. This will improve the number of black, Hispanic and female workers in Silicon Valley who have been passed over in favor of the H-1B program. Mark Zuckerberg’s personal Senator, Marco Rubio, has a bill to triple H-1Bs that would decimate women and minorities.

    Requirement to hire American workers first. Too many visas, like the H-1B, have no such requirement. In the year 2015, with 92 million Americans outside the workforce and incomes collapsing, we need companies to hire from the domestic pool of unemployed. Petitions for workers should be mailed to the unemployment office, not USCIS.

    BOTTOM LINE: American companies and their shareholders, in general, want skilled labor as CHEAPLY as possible. That’s a main reason why Tim Cook, Apple and other tech firms are not supporting Trump – they want unlimited H-1Bs, so they can pay Ajeet from India half what they’d have to pay Tom from Tulsa who can’t find a job after graduating from college and has to live in his parents basement because Apple got Ajeet from India to do it on the CHEAP.

    1. Keep it up. The more you insult the good people that post here, the sweeter your defeat will be come November (You nasty, nasty “man”).
      Don’t think for a minute, I forgot about Botty, either…
      Hi, snookems! ❤️❤️❤️

    2. Yeah, Trump is pro-America which is why all that bling with his name on it (ties, etc.) are all made outside the US and why a big chunk of the debt on his investments is held by the Bank of China which he publicly rails against.

      But agreed, the H1B visa system needs to be changed – and as much as it chokes me to suggest it, the single change to make is to put in a prevailing US wage requirement of the median income of US citizens in the field. Regular prevailing wage laws are BS, but narrowly applied to this one case, I can live with it.

    3. @ First . . . [blech]: Why on earth do you think libs, etc. are getting nervous? Trump is the most ill prepared, unqualified and unfit person to run for president in living history. The damage he is doing to the GOP could last for decades. It’s worth noting that no-one who as actually done the job (Obama, Bush Jr., Clinton, Bush Sr., or Carter) is endorsing him – because they know he’s completely unsuitable. The right has done a fairly good job of character assassination of Clinton, but you’ve truly blown it with Trump. For the left, he’s the gift that keeps on giving every time he opens his mouth or posts a tweet.
      I note that they only topics you ever post in are ones with a political bent. Are you (and botvinnik) just paid shills for the extremist repubs of the world?

  3. FBI files linking Hillary Clinton to the ‘suicide’ of White House counsel Vince Foster seem to have conveniently vanished from the National Archives

    Vote for Crooked Hillary, congenital liar, for more scandals.

    Help Crooked Hillary pay off the largess of Clinton Foundation donors from the Middle East and elsewhere. They want what’s coming to them and they’ve got CEOs from international corporations lined up to help them get it!

    Continue the corrupt status quo, vote early and often for Hillary!

  4. I think it’s NOT a good move to openly support Hillary. But, that being said, we’re talking about Tim Cook… Steve Jobs didn’t have the same kind of arrogance. The Benjamin Franklin must NOT have been an honest one on that sheet of paper; cons outweigh the pros and Apple is supposed to be “for” the “pros” – Oh, wait. No, they’re NOT so much. Consumer level, Yes! Pro Level, Not so evident by anybody’s standards… except for the software, the support for Professional Users is LACKING.

  5. Well citizens of the free and civilized world, the peace party is never over but it’s been such a relief watching this hillarious dump trump of an election. There doesn’t seem to be much on extolling the virtues of one candidate rather in what I can only assume is typical it’s all hate and vitriol towards the others.

    The money spent for mudslinging between the demonkkkrats and repubikkkans is one of the few efforts that provides a bit of security for the planet, though we pretty well know that once their election is over, at some point during this decade it will be back to the business of war. After all it’s in their DNA (Destructive Nuclear Arsenal). If only their elections were longer and they spent more on them.

      1. If all goes well, this worst-ever election will spur third parties to take themselves seriously and overtly challenge the two moribund parties.

        But before that happens, the efforts toward world corporatocracy have to be derailed. That means bludgeoning the US Senate into voting down:


        It doesn’t matter what party you support. These three ‘treaties’ will force governments to bow and scrape to corporations, IGNORING the will of We The People. If you think corporations are screwing us now, just wait until these ‘treaties’ hit the fan. It will be ‘screw democracy’ time. 💀💀💀 And yes, you can directly thank Obama for these three obscenities. So much for Democrats being some sort of ‘lesser evil’, unbeholden to biznizziz. (0_o)

  6. I just don’t understand how a gay man like Cook can support anyone who accepts millions in donations from countries that condemn gays and often kill them as a punishment.

    I don’t understand why Cook doesn’t see the benefit of lower corp tax rate and simplifying the tax code for it’s citizens down to just 3 tiers making it much more FAIR for everyone. Why wouldn’t Cook want to be able to repatriate Apple’s money back to the USA where it will do so much good for our economy with little or no penalty to Apple.

    These Democrats have it so wrong on so many issues. They just want to tax tax tax and spend spend spend like there is not tomorrow. I’m fed up with them. #Trump2016

    1. @ Jay: You need to do some research: First, the historical perspective (from NYT, 1988):
      “Among the 40 states analyzed, personal income tax rates, expressed as revenue per $100 of personal income, increased an average of 2.5 percent between 1985 and 1987. Nineteen states with Republican governors had an average increase of 3.5 percent; 20 states with Democratic governors had an average increase of 1.6 percent. The disparity would have been much greater if I had not excluded a 248 percent increase in New Mexico, a state with a Republican governor, because the increase was so far out of line with the other states.
      The report identifies 11 states with particularly large increases. Seven have Republican governors, and four have Democrats. Massachusetts had a 4.3 percent increase, but was not in the top 11. Ten states with Republican governors and seven with Democrats had higher percentage increases.
      The report identifies causes of possible distortion in the figures. The most important is the Tax Reform Act of 1986. Also, there are states with a governor of one party and a legislature controlled by the other party. However, averaging the increases over two roughly equal groups of states, 21 with Democratic governors and 19 with Republicans, probably eliminates most of the distortions.
      These figures do not mean that Vice President Bush would raise taxes or that Governor Dukakis would not. They indicate that a simplistic generalization that Democrats are more likely than Republicans to raise taxes has no place in a serious discussion of the issues in the Presidential campaign.”

      Or more recently: From WaPo 2015, check out

      You should probably also be interested in income growth under dem or repub presidents. You can find the facts about that here:

      Finally, since you mention taxes, this chart shows how much each state contributes to the deficit, per capita by comparing how much Federal money each state gets with how much it pays in taxes. Those red states are the big moochers on society, it seems. They like to spend spend spend but not pay.

  7. I do see the problem that AAPL is facing. Trump’s policies (if enacted) could raise the cost Apple’s products if/when built overseas by cheap Chinese labor.

    On the other hand, Apple could repatriate billions of dollars back into the US economy and invest in building factories for workers here…in…the…. oh wait. I forgot about unionized labor and how Apple would have to pay workers with a high school degree a six figure salary. Then, just like the auto industry, Apple would produce a sub-par product because salaries and pensions would hobble the company.

    Sounds like a lose – lose for Apple.

  8. Steve Jobs was hardly apolitical despite the Right Wingers attempts to cast him otherwise.

    When Bill Clinton was in the White House, Steve Jobs allowed the Clintons to stay at a home adjoining the Jacking House when visiting Chelsea Clinton during her time at Stanford (1997-2001) as his guest. Despite his reluctance to be seen publicly involved with partisan politics, his affiliation with the Democrats has never been disputed by anyone with knowledge.

    Al Gore was invited by Steve Jobs to join the Apple Board:

    CUPERTINO, California—March 19, 2003—Apple® today announced that Albert Gore Jr., the former Vice President of the United States, has joined the Company’s Board of Directors. Mr. Gore was elected at Apple’s board meeting today.

    “Al brings an incredible wealth of knowledge and wisdom to Apple from having helped run the largest organization in the world—the United States government—as a Congressman, Senator and our 45th Vice President. Al is also an avid Mac user and does his own video editing in Final Cut Pro,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “Al is going to be a terrific Director and we’re excited and honored that he has chosen Apple as his first private sector board to serve on.”

    …As a member of the U.S. Congress 25 years ago, he popularized the term “Information Superhighway,” and was instrumental in fighting for federal funds to assist in building what later became the Internet. He has remained an active leader in technology—launching a public/private effort to wire every classroom and library in America to the Internet.

    Apple Press Release

    How much you want to bet President Obama gets an invite to the Apple Board when Al Gore leaves?

  9. Look, Apple initially courted both republicans and democrats. This was before the conventions. Right now, they are simply looking at data projections and polls and taking a bet on the winner (currently, most polls give Clinton a decisive win; historically, election polls tend to favour Republicans by several percentage points).

    You have less than three more months to go, so anything is possible. However, if history is any guide, practically no underdog candidate was able to overcome a double-digit post-convention deficit and win the presidency, especially not with a hostile incumbent president. To make things worse for the Republicans, demographic changes over the past ten years have made the conservative base smaller than ever before, and the growing numbers of minorities (almost 40% of the voting population) much more easily identify with the liberal progressives. And then there is Trump, who alienates even some of the dedicated conservatives. So, all the historical data and analysis tend to point to a rather foregone conclusion. On the other hand, this one is nothing like any previous elections, so we’ll have to wait and see…

      1. Just because he cannot vote in these elections does not mean that either his comments are bullshit or that he has no credibility.
        You’re a typical Trumpist – a bully, someone who has no credible arguments so is reduced to hurling insults, and someone who thinks anyone with a view that is different to yours has no place here. You and your ilk are what is wrong with society.
        Not only that, you’re probably just a shill paid to stir up trouble – just like at Trump rallies.

        1. Thanks, but you shouldn’t really bother. That response is a knee-jerk, automatic tick that he has developed as a reaction to my posts.

          Over the years I had noticed that botvinnik gets quite anxious in the American presidential years, especially during the last three cycles (this one included), where republican candidates didn’t really do well. This year his condition is particularly bad, since the candidate representing his party is so completely non-republican on so many issues, starting with health care, through support for gays and gay marriage, to opposition to the global trade partnerships, and now the flip-flop on immigration…

          It is really very difficult, being a true passionate conservative republican these days, and I feel their pain. And to add salt to an already large open wound, they are now going to make this the first lady of the United States:


        2. Your post could not be further from the truth.

          While I can deconstruct your 🐂💩 point by point — I just don’t have hours of idle tedious time like you do.

          Get real.

  10. Good. That hate-filled orange clown has nothing to offer this country but angry blame-filled rhetoric about how “this country is a hell hole” (actual quote). He doesn’t deserve a dime from anyone in the business community.

    1. Your derogatory statements aside, DT proposals are far more progressive than his challenger to get the U.S. back on track.

      But if your’re content with the last eight years and vote for more of the same old, same old — next to nothing will change for the better.

  11. “At Apple, for example, employees gave $156,893 to Clinton’s campaign” And Tim Cook addresses Apple’s US taxes, says no repatriation without ‘fair rate’, and should Hillary win, I seriously doubt Apple will get that… Unless Tim makes a generous donation to the Clinton Global Initiative Foundation for ‘pay to play’. However, in the end, it would probably be cheaper for Apple to just pay the high tax rate. So much for the Apple “Geniuses” moniker!

    1. As one of the world’s most profitable corporations, Apple has more tax accountants and lawyers than most companies have total employees. It has an army of human resource professionals to deal with domestic and international labor policies. It has another army focused on privacy and data security issues. A lot of those employees really *are* geniuses, since Apple can afford to hire the best.

      Obviously, all those professionals have been spending a lot of time lately analyzing every word, number, and comma of every formal proposal or informal comment by both candidates. The fact that Apple (and the rest of the tech industry) is supporting Clinton by a 200 to 1 ratio over Trump suggests that their analysis shows that she would be a better President for their industry. These are not ideological fanatics inclined to put politics ahead of the best interest of their companies… much less their own financial self-interest.

      One might argue that Apple is a greedy capitalist machine that needs to be whipped into place by a strong Leader, but there are plenty of other places where people can make that argument. This is a website for Apple fans. It is in danger of being highjacked by people who support a man who has repeatedly expressed hostility towards the company and all it stands for. I get it that they support the policies that Apple opposes, but perhaps they should simply show their hostility to Apple by buying equipment for their personal use from Samsung, as Mr. Trump apparently has. That would be a better response than getting onto an Apple-fan website and accusing Apple and its leadership of being stupid.

      (Now cue the comments that refuse to deal with the substance of my argument and just call me a liar and Libtard without any evidence to support the charges.)

    1. I agree that contributions should be equal if–and only if–
      A. Both candidates are equally likely to win,
      B. Both candidates would be equally good (or equally bad) for the company if elected.

      When 99.5% of Apple’s corporate and employee contributions are going to just one candidate, it is pretty clear that one candidate reflects Apple values more than the other.

      1. You are talking about a stacked deck, agreed. I’m talking about the optics of fair and balanced.

        Steve was much better at this than Tim. Sorry, it is what it is.

        Hmmm, no ace high playing card emoji, but at least we have … 🎲

        1. Steve was largely giving to Democrats, and very little, if anything to Republicans. I know it is very compelling to revise history to fit the narrative, but Steve wasn’t 100 years ago; he died less than five years ago, and many of us remember his political leanings very well.

          As for the optics of fair and balanced, that is Fox News’s territory. When corporations look at the candidates for public office, as TxUser nicely said, they assess two things. One, very important thing is the candidate’s platform and its impact on their business. This is the most important criteria for determining whom to support. The other, less important criteria, is the candidate’s likelihood of winning the election. This is objectively assessed based on various factors that influence the election outcome (from media coverage, to candidates’ platforms, to their likeability, to the way they communicate with the electorate, and many other factors).

          Cook, as a private person (but with a highly elevated public profile, due to his job), hosted both Democrats and Republicans, and, at least initially, showed rather equal support. However, after the presidential nominations, it became clear that it would be imprudent spending money on a candidate who openly criticizes the company (and even himself uses a patent-infringing slavish copier product, Samsung), so they focused their own support efforts on candidate more aligned with Apple’s business.

          There is nothing inherently wrong with this. Steve was doing exactly the same thing in his time, albeit at a much smaller scale (since Apple was a much smaller company).

  12. These Pro Trump Anti Cook people are so dillusional that it is amazing. You support slumlord fake billionaire and diss worlds best CEO ever in human history who has doubled his companies revenues in 5 years to over 200 Billion a year and whos company is worlds biggest profit machine.

  13. “Cook is just the latest in a growing list of tech executives and venture capitalists working to raise big money to help Clinton beat Donald Trump”

    Right on….work hard to elect a lying criminal worthy ONLY jail as a result of one of the most arrogant scandals of modern times. Super smart to elect someone who acts/speaks in a way to tell YOU, the American public that you’re too dumb to know when she’d PUBLICLY LIED through her teeth. She’s power hungry and doesn’t really give a rip about average Americans. She’s a DIVIDER, like Obama.

    I thought Silicon Valley could think more clearly than this. Guess I was–sadly–wrong.

    Trump isn’t perfect, by any means, but he’s not a criminal who refuses to be responsible for his actions even when people have died (Benghazi), like Hillary is. No one is more UNWORTHY of the great office of President of the United States, than Hillary.

    Hoping for an embarrassing defeat even while not being excited for the alternative.

    1. Actually, he is much more of a criminal than Clinton is. Hillary was found blameless for Benghazi by the most partisan, biased, far reaching (and wasteful) senate investigation ever held in this country. And by the dozen other investigations that came before that one. Repubs don’t like it, but even they had to admit there was no smoking gun. Rabid repub supporters don’t like it either, but only they have the advantage of being able to ignore all the actual facts and just make up the shit they want to believe. Ultimately, even the politicians hell bent on bringing down Hillary had to concede there was nothing there.
      Trump, on the other hand, has been sued over 3,500 times. He screwed ordinary working people and small business owners out of their hard earned money by declaring bankruptcy four times. He lied to local governments in order to get the permits to own casinos which promptly went broke. He outsources his manufacturing businesses to China. Most of his massive debt is owned by China. He refuses to obey convention and release his tax returns even though he criticized Romney for being late releasing his. He makes three u-turns a day. He has no credible policy for dealing with any actual issue facing this country at home or abroad. He wants to bring back torture and murder families of suspected terrorists. He wants to take affordable health care away from 40+ million Americans. He wants to deport 12 million people including American citizen relatives of illegals. Even his own people say TrumpU was a complete scam. Trump cannot remember he doesn’t even have business called Trump Steaks anymore – another failure. He is ignorant, has only 8th grade language skills, is misogynistic and racist, is a high level narcissist, but most worryingly, probably believes everything that he says even though he contradicts himself repeatedly. He has more “pants on fire” statements than any other politician who has been fact checked. He was awarded the “lie of the year” in 2015.
      And that’s only the beginning. Want me to go on?

      1. Found blameles?

        So you are saying the embassy over several hours of attacks never made a call for help?!? And Hillary is squeaky clean by standing by and doing everything for the embassy?!?

        This is exactly what’s wrong in the world today. Lot of excuses AND ZERO RESPONSIBILITY, or is it, ACCOUNTABILITY.

        Truth of the matter, cough, cough … 🔫🇺🇸🔫🇺🇸🔫🇺🇸

    1. Excellent point.

      Democrats in this day and age, unlike the JFK party in the 1960s, NOW they are the DIVIDERS. They are NOT for ALL the people — TOTAL MYTH. They only care about their voting blocs AND STEERED EXTREME LEFT over the years.

      They carve up the country by voting bloc and only care about money and power. See Clinton Foundation. Pay to play is all they know now, sad.

      If you are a teacher, minority, union member, transgender to name a few that’s all they talk about in positive terms. Proud gun owner or go to church weekly, whoa, instant diss.

      For the low information voters out there, both candidates are RICH. But be honest, evaluate how they got rich. Hard work, or …

      To support the NEW party of the people, the choice is CLEAR — TRUMP. 🇺🇸🔫🇺🇸🔫🇺🇸

      1. Be careful what you wish for… Because Trump most definitely didn’t get rich by working hard. He got rich by getting one million dollars form his daddy, and then he got richer by cheating little folks out of their money. From thousands of law suits brought against Trump for unpaid work or services, most were settled out of court for pennies on the dollar. Trump would like to tell you that’s how business is done; you negotiate the contract beforehand, then renegotiate it after they sue you… The final price is never final, they will always accept lower settlement to avoid the court. Small businesses suffered the worst when dealing with Trump, as they can afford the least to waste time in court to recover their hard-earned money. Many simply just write off the whole thing, not having the time, the legal skill (or representation) to even file a suit in court.

        Your candidate is as crooked as they come. America has a really tricky choice this year…

        1. Wow. You get a gold medal for deflection and blame.

          This is the topic: Democrats in this day and age, unlike the JFK party in the 1960s, NOW they are the DIVIDERS. They are NOT for ALL the people — TOTAL MYTH. They only care about their voting blocs AND STEERED EXTREME LEFT over the years. They have fixed NOTHING.

          Got it brainless?

        2. What deflection, blame? I took your sentence (Be honest, evaluate how they got rich, by hard work or…) and replied to that. Are you truly saying that Trump worked hard and earned his money honestly??

          And more importantly, talking about deflection, who mentioned Democrats, or JFK, or dividers??? I actually said that America has a really tricky choice this year; you managed to nominate two of the worst possible people for presidency!

          Your post sounds like a profound political brainwashing. That is a bit sad…

          Who is brainless here?

        3. “Are you truly saying that Trump worked hard and earned his money honestly??”

          Are you truly saying that Clinton worked hard and earned her money honestly??

          Remember the famous quote where they left the White House BROKE and now worth over $100 million dollars.


          You are blind when it comes to evaluating politicians honestly.

          But then again, the MDN readers have known that about you for a long, long time. 🔫🇺🇸🔫🇺🇸🔫

        4. You obviously can’t read. In NONE of my messages was I talking bout Clinton, Obama, Romney, McCaine, Pawlenty, Cruz or any other politician, active or retired. My message was about Trump and him cheating and swindling people out of their money, on his way to his $2B fortune. About the only thing you could infer from my message about Clinton was that she wasn’t any better than Trump either.

          As I said; you simply can’t read.

      2. All non-partisan (and even many rational partisan) observers say exactly the opposite. The GOP has gone so far right that even Ronald Reagan couldn’t get past the primaries now. They have dragged the Dems along with them – the democratic party today is more centrist than it was 20 years ago.
        Do some real research.
        As for how these two got rich? Trump got the equivalent of a $7 mm interest free loan from his father to start a real estate business in NY. His father bailed him out several times – at least twice illegally, for which the Trumps were fined. His companies filed bankruptcy four times, screwing small business owners out of the hard earned cash he owed them.
        The Clinton Foundation is an unusual, but very effective charity, with over 20,000 employees around the world performing the charitable acts. Most foundations just give money to charities. The Clinton Foundation actually IS the charity. Only 12% of its money is overhead – which is very low by charity standards. The non-profit (and non-partisan) “Charity Watch” organization gives it an “A”.

        1. The truth of the matter is beyond a lifetime supply of rose colored glasses in your wardrobe, you swallowed the Dumbocrat hook, line and sinker.

          No time for … 🐂💩

        2. I like the articles, research, data and facts that you cite in your erudite, eloquent, articulate and well-argued response…


          There are several people on this board who, when they don’t like the post they read, they simply declare it wrong, in futile, blind hope that their declaration will magically make them wrong. They aren’t stupid; they know that it simply doesn’t work that way, but nonetheless, they still try to convince themselves (and perhaps others) that by saying “you are a liar”, without actually proving it with any real, factual information, will make it so.

          Real truth doesn’t quite work that way.

  14. Supporting clintons is so wrong. She and Billy are just power and money-hungry beasts. Ted Kennedy saw their treachery when he threw his support to Obama instead of Hillary in 2008. I own a lot of Apple , selling. Sick of Tim Cook, it’s so wrong of him to support Clinton. Bernie was paid off, he copped- out too.

  15. I wouldn’t expect a different actions from globalists. It’s their duty to outsource everything from American workers. It seems to be working magic in terms of bottom line. What they missing is the bigger picture. Bigger than the top of the tech industry. Sovereignty is all you got. If you loose it one day it might happen that there won’t be nobody who they could sell their stuff. All of you will be broke.

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