Trump’s nice tweets come from Apple iPhone, the not-so-nice ones come from Android phone

“When Trump wishes the Olympic team good luck, he’s tweeting from his iPhone. When he’s insulting a rival, he’s usually tweeting from an Android,” David Robinson writes for Variance Explained. “Is this an artifact showing which tweets are Trump’s own and which are by some handler?”

“Others have explored Trump’s timeline and noticed this tends to hold up- and Trump himself does indeed tweet from a Samsung Galaxy. But how could we examine it quantitatively?” Robinson writes. “I’ve been writing about text mining and sentiment analysis recently, particularly during my development of the tidytext R package with Julia Silge, and this is a great opportunity to apply it again.”

“My analysis, shown below, concludes that the Android and iPhone tweets are clearly from different people, posting during different times of day and using hashtags, links, and retweets in distinct ways,” Robinson writes. “What’s more, we can see that the Android tweets are angrier and more negative, while the iPhone tweets tend to be benign announcements and pictures. Overall I’d agree with @tvaziri’s analysis [below]: this lets us tell the difference between the campaign’s tweets (iPhone) and Trump’s own (Android).”

Read more and see tons of data analysis in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take:

Donald Trump
Donald Trump
The extensive data analysis is interesting, but unnecessary. It’s simple: iPhone users are nicer people. Anyone who’d reward thieves by buying and using an iPhone knockoff obviously doesn’t really care about protecting American intellectual property or law and order, now, do they? Not to mention not caring about their own privacy or data security.

On Monday, in a speech to the Detroit Economic Club, Trump proposed stronger protections for American intellectual property. If he owns and uses a Samsung Android phone instead of an Apple iPhone, he’s a hypocrite.

If he’s using a Samsung phone because he’s boycotting Apple due to the fact that he shortsightedly thinks the company should have broken iPhone encryption for the FBI in the San Bernadino terrorist case, he chose the wrong platform. Get a Windows Phone (while they’re still available), Mr. Trump. Stop supporting patent-infringing thieves.

Apple’s products came first, then Samsung’s:

Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy Tab Trade Dress Infringement

Here’s what Google’s Android looked like before and after Apple’s iPhone:

Google Android before and after Apple iPhone

And, here’s what cellphones looked like before and after Apple’s iPhone:

cellphones before and after Apple iPhone

People who buy Android phones and tablets reward thieves.

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    1. Which then suggests that his staff is following the plan to make him lose. There is no way in the world I will ever believe this wasn’t all planed.

      The left knew that after 8 years of Obama, the right would be wound tighter than a drum, chomping at the bit, lining up to vote 2 days early.

      They had 2 goals.

      1. Stop any conservative candidate
      2. Give Hillary the office

      So the plan, which is quite simple, went like this.

      SOP: Make any conservative candidate out to be a complete idiot. It doesn’t matter if they even happen to be a neurosurgeon and fucking head of neurosurgery at John’s Hopkins. Call them stupid.

      Pied Piper:

      Send out a candidate to say all the craziest things that the far right think. Crap about building walls, yada yada. It worked well with Trump last time, let’s use him again.

      Secret Meeting between the Clintons and Trump.
      Trump: SURE I CAN DO THAT!!!

      Republican insiders go insane trying to stop the pied piper. Conservatives line up behind him as he plays his kook flute and dangles red meat!

      Meanwhile the Democraps have to deal with unexpected kook Sanders on their side, but they decide to use him as their own version of Trump. Sanders plays his pipe and gathers up all the wackiest leftists.

      Then when the time comes, boom, Trump gets the nomination and magically seems to completely lose interest in becoming President.

      Sanders steps aside and gives support to Hillary.

      It’s like, it’s like HOUSE OF FUCKING CARDS!!!!!

      Saying this election isn’t fixed is like saying shit doesn’t stink, and we’ve all been at this long enough to know the smell of Clinton Shit.

      Dance puppets dance.

      1. I bet you think the moon landing was faked too.

        The reason Paul Ryan and other quality conservatives didn’t run is because they recognized that this election was unwinnable a year ago. I expect Ryan will run when Hillary’s term(s) are up.

      2. Sorry, dude, but Ben Carson was a great neurosurgeon, but that doesn’t automatically translate to a great leader. When he said last week that the Khans, a Gold Star family, should apologize to Trump, he ruined his legacy in my book.

      1. This election is about American sovereignty versus globalism, whether we retain the Republic or become a vassal state of the North American Union, whether we keep the Bill of Rights or acquiesce to the mandates of unelected bureaucrats from a banking cartel. This is easily the most important election since 1860…this time all our citizens must choose between slavery and liberty…the tyranny of George Soros or the enlightenment of Thomas Jefferson.

  1. I wont vote for either of them. But what is more Scary than Trump, is Hildabeast. She is the calm, cool, collected pathologically lying beast that if she wins, watch what she will do. Nobody will be safe, and especially those who vote for her and actually believe the tripe that spews from her mouth. Bill must be relishing the idea of pulling her strings, and Obummer too. I just cannot understand why black people love her. She will stab them all in the back, on Jan 21st, 2017. Watch.

  2. Trump said recently that his staff does it during the day (I think he phones it in but maybe they are authorized to make stuff up on his behalf) and after about 7PM it’s usually directly from him. Keep in mind Twitter timestamps are in PDT (if you have an account it probably converts that to your timezone – I’m not sure.)

    A Google search should provide details on this 7PM cutoff.

  3. The Russian’s are behind everything. Trump is a Barney Fife in the headlights. Russian’s have made him their unwitting pawn. He doesn’t remember meeting Putin one day, and on another he says he did meet him and they have a great relationship. He even sometimes takes both sides of an argument in the same sentence. He is Erdogan in Cinnamon cotton candy topping. Only flag waving scumbag gun toting redneck KKK wanna be’s are fond of the guy who keeps a copy of Mein Kampf by his bedside. Trump is endorsed by NRA, KKK, Neo Nazi’s, and several so called “Christian” extremists groups.

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