J.D. Power Apple Watch findings provide stark contrast to media coverage

“According to a report released yesterday by J.D. Power, Apple Watch ranks number one in customer satisfaction among smartwatch owners,” Mark Hibben writes for Seeking Alpha. “The Power survey provides objective evidence that the Watch is a hit and not the flop it is often portrayed in the media.”

“The J.D. Power survey indicates that smartwatch owners in general are very satisfied with their watches,” Hibben writes. “As is usually the case in Power’s surveys, the numerical rankings tend to be fairly tightly grouped, but Apple was the only brand to perform better than average, as the ‘circle ratings’ make clear.”

“I was not surprised by the results. Apple’s product execution is invariably superior to its competition, and usually it’s only on the basis of price or value that Apple suffers in comparison,” Hibben writes. “What I find most interesting about the Power survey is how much it diverges from prominent media coverage of the Watch since its launch more than a year ago. It’s not difficult to find any number of highly critical, even dismissive articles about the Watch.”

J.D. Power 2016 Smartwatch Device Satisfaction Report

“The estimated 12 million Watches Apple sold in the first year were about double that of iPhone in its first year,” Hibben writes. “I chose to write about the Power survey, not so much to tout the success of the Watch as to highlight the fallacious nature of the anecdotal approach to Apple criticism. I would like to see a somewhat more objective basis for Apple criticism in the media, but I don’t expect it.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Of course, the Apple Watch user satisfaction is off the charts, but we say that as Day One Apple Watch owners as opposed to non-Apple Watch owners who in pretending AW is not actually a massive success are trying to provide justification for pigheadedly depriving themselves of a time-saving convenience that delights highly-satisfied users daily.

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  1. How to Read Apple Watch Reviews:

    1) No one needs it (= Apple didn’t give me one for review)

    2) No one is buying it (= I didn’t buy one)

    3) It’s overpriced (= I bought a different one and regret it now)

    4) It’s hard to use (= I looked at one in the store)

    5. The battery doesn’t last long enough (=I’ve never used one)

    5) Other smart watches will outsell it (= please believe me, I invested in a different one)

    6) They have a high rate of defects (= mine was defective but I never took it back)

    7) Don’t buy the Apple Watch (= I had seeing them because my wife won’t let me buy one)

  2. I see it all the time. Apple Watch a complete flop. Yet all the real numbers say way different. Especially sales which beat all the other competitors combined within a month even though the others were out for more than a year or two. Media bias against Apple is so obvious.

  3. Media were once thought to be objective, but that was only an advertised ideal of journalism, in the same sense that public service was an objective of politics.

    The reality is that objectivity is a scurrilous frivolity that disturbs everyone wherever it appears, yet is unfailingly used to sanctify everyone’s high-minded claims of fairness and justice — two more words no one can agree upon.

      1. Agreed. Leftists pioneered the idea of groupthink, and then seized control of the media with propaganda. People who truly think for themselves have learnt to avoid the media altogether because media are the perfect gathering points for people sharing particular biases.

        But some of us are tempted to grant Fox media immunity from such inherent biases because their words seem so sweet and true, their indictments so fulfilling of our desire for revenge. I myself favour the opinions of Bill O’Reilly, of Irish descent like myself. “If wrong we be, the world a poorer place for it,” the dying words of an unsung IRA activist had it. It’s really all about passion and belief, not about the straw man of objectivity.

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