Irish finance minister: EU points to autumn decision in Apple tax probe

“The European Union’s antitrust chief has indicated that it will likely reach a decision in September or October on its two-year probe into Apple’s tax dealings with Ireland, Ireland’s finance minister said on Wednesday,” Padraic Halpin reports for Reuters.

“‘Commissioner Vestager indicated to me that there wouldn’t be a decision in July but there would probably be a decision early in the autumn. My expectation is September or early October,’ Michael Noonan told a news conference after meeting antitrust chief Margrethe Vestager on Tuesday,” Halpin reports. “‘I didn’t discuss the potential decision but we did discuss the presentation of the decision. I have no indication of what way the decision will go or what the implications of the decision will be,’ the finance minister said.”

“The investigation could force Apple to pay substantial back taxes,” Halpin reports. “It has said it will join Ireland in appealing any adverse ruling.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: So, pretty much everything is “coming this fall.”

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    1. So true. They prey on fear. They are the dung beetles of mammalian life, feeding on psychological excrescences. Facts may stop them temporarily but they know instinctually that feelings, especially fear, will restore the balance of nature — to the parasites and symbiotes that devour hope and reason.

      1. I have too much of an appreciation for harmonious forms of life to compare them to any sub group of the human species but I see your point.

        Personally I like that story The Emperor’s New Clothes by Hans Christian Andersen of which, I make modifications depending on the situation:

        – everyone ignores the child saying the emperor is naked because they are dazzled by the media lights and attention, especially as they are announcing a new program to treat kids that hallucinate.

        – everyone turn to the child after he’s said that the emperor is naked and shoo shoo him away.

        – the emperor’s guards grabs the kid, the crowd turns into a mob, and the emperor tells the guards to make the child a prisoner, but the crowd chants “noooo prisoners have rights”, so he declares the child an unlawful combatant, but then the crowd chants “noooooo unlawful combatants have rights” noooooo they have rights too, so the emperor rattles off a list of possible things to call the child until he stumbles across the term “enemy combatant” and the crowd cheers as no one has ever used or defined that term cheer so now they can do to the child whatever they want, he no longer has any rights at all, not even human ones.

        Of course it’s just a fairy tale, nothing like this would ever happen in reality but it does swerve away from using creatures like dung beetles and parasites because face it, dung beetles and parasites do make a positive contribution to the diversity of life on the planet and you would not want to hurt their feelings comparing them to the speculating analyst and the modern day jouranalist.

        Always inspiring when you come around. Just wish you could see the other side of me, I do poetry you know…. winks.

    2. Sadly, many times the facts are of no never mind. It tends to be politics, the politics of POWER. of MONEY, of GREED, or what ever. We all know that facts are so over rated.

      Of course its not global warming, the tides always reach 20 higher this time of millennium… Right???

      1. Spot on eldernorm about the power money, greed.

        On the side topic of climate change (and it should really be called global melting until those two ice cubes at the pole are totally melted), I just read an interesting article that stated: “If elected president, Donald Trump would be the only head of state in the world to contend that climate change is a hoax, according to a study.
        The Sierra Club compiled public statements from the leaders of the 195 nations recognized by the State Department.”

        Making facts fit theories instead of the other way around. Good day to you eldernorm.

    1. Or… Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi…

      of if that does not work,

      email, email,email….. or fibber, fibber, fibber..

      Hey, like a patent troll, lie until you can finally find something.

      PS, if you a Trump fan, just know that I think Trump ALWAYS tells the truth, no matter what he is saying this time. And facts be damned. Who needs them. Right? /s

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