Inside Apple Campus 2 and its miles of sedak glass

“Apple’s ambitious Campus 2 project makes extensive use of massive glass panels built by German fabricator sedak, specifically chosen to blur the lines between office space inside and serene landscapes outside, much the same way that the company’s products seek to blur the line between hardware and software,” Daniel Eran Dilger reports for AppleInsider.

“One of the most impressive elements of Apple’s Campus 2 project—and the parallel Phase 2 next to it—is both virtually invisible and dramatically unmistakable: massive, virtually seamless laminated glass windows that serve double duty as walls,” Dilger reports. “The vast glass façade panels surrounding the exterior Spaceship Ring are 46 foot (14m) long and more than 10 feet (3m) tall, while the interior, courtyard-facing panels are just under 36 feet (11m) long. Both sets of panels are precisely curved to form the iconic building’s cylindrical glass curtain.”

Source: sedak
Source: sedak

“Building with such enormous expanses of glass involved a novel design first explored in the construction of a prototype structure,” Dilger reports. ” To obtain glass panels that large, Apple turned to sedak (stylized in lower case), the world’s leading manufacturer of extremely high quality, large format insulating and safety glass and structural glass elements.”

Tons (literally, of glass) more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: It’s amazing that sedak only has 150 employees worldwide. German efficiency at its finest!


  1. Well, if this ain’t telling of attention to detail, nothing else is (except of course Trump’s hairdo 😝).

    All the ‘Fire Tim now’ detractors have all said that they would prefer to wait and have Apple take its time and deliver a solid, rather then half baked product (software included).

    Maybe Apple is Taking its time and pacing its (re) buildup and foundation for this the next chapter…You can’t put the horse before the cart d…

    1. No one knows for certain what Apple has in store. This was the same way before the iPhone 6 was introduced. How can most of us possibly know what’s in the pipeline? Apple haters need to assume the worst. It’s funny, though. It seems as though other tech companies are telling about their big plans every other week to juice their stock but nothing good ever comes out of Apple. For Apple, no news is bad news. Writers simply make up their own stories about Apple’s downfall.

      Does Apple even have TV commercials for its products? I don’t watch TV so I don’t know. I simply don’t recall any for the last year or so. It’s such a frustrating company. With so much money they should be pounding the competition instead of being pounded. Whatever. Tim Cook is no Bezos or Musk, that’s for sure.

      1. “Writers simply make up their own stories

        That’s the problem just because one cam write doesn’t qualify them as a write or a journalist that should be verifying and reporting facts.

        Apple has no obligation whatsober to spell out its plans to restless consumers, it never has and still has the most loyal and trusting user base and investors of all companies.

  2. I hope that glass is earthquake-proof. I suppose Apple knows what it’s doing but it certainly seems like an excessive amount of glass. If they’d used more metal it probably would have cost a lot less. Of course, glass is Apple’s trademark structure material so that’s all there is to it.

  3. “Those who live in glass houses should cast no stones” and Tim Cook knows how to cover his gl-ass. (And you can fill in the blanks for what “gl” stands for.)

    When the earth starts shaken in CAL, there had better be an evac plan.

    Tread lightly. Walk quietly. Don’t scream in high C.

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