Sales suffer as Apple neglects the Mac

“New data from research firms Gartner and IDC indicate that Apple Macs suffered significant declines in shipment volume in calendar Q2,” Mark Hibben writes for Seeking Alpha. “No one is particularly surprised, given how long it is taking Apple to update many Mac models such as the MacBook Pro and the Mac Pro. While fans look expectantly to a Fall refresh, investors have to wonder why it’s taking so long.”

“The research results of IDC and Gartner only disagree about the magnitude of the global Mac shipment decline,” Hibben writes. “IDC says it fell 8.3% y/y to 4420 units, while Gartner says it fell 4.9% y/y to 4559. Both Gartner and IDC agree that the global PC market is still in decline, by about 4.5-5%.”

Sad Mac“Following WWDC in June, I definitely had the feeling that Mac OS had fallen even further down in Apple’s list of priorities. MacOS Sierra was mostly about incremental improvements. The biggest changes were Apple Pay in the Safari browser and the inclusion of Siri,” Hibben writes. “Meanwhile, the hardware has languished. The non-Retina Display MacBook Airs have become a redundant anachronism with the advent of the 12″ Retina Macbook. The MacBook Pros have been in desperate need of an upgrade.”

Then “there’s the poor old Mac Pro, which is essentially unchanged since its introduction in December 2013. It’s still running Intel Ivy Bridge EP processors which were launched in 2013 and use Intel’s obsolete 22 nm process,” Hibben writes. “This is absolutely shameful for a company claiming to be a leader in technology and for a product that was supposed to offer Mac professional users best in class hardware.”

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MacDailyNews Take: “This is absolutely shameful for a company claiming to be a leader in technology.”

We couldn’t agree more.

iPad Unit SalesExactly how rich and big does Apple have to be before the company runs like it has more than five guys working 18-hour days trying to do everything? The world’s most valuable company is incapable of updating the Mac Pro for two and a half fscking years? Seriously? “Mismanagement” is not too strong a word to apply to the ongoing Mac Pro fiasco.

Just like every other human, there are things Tim Cook does very well and there are other things about which he seems painfully inept.

Hint: Make new Macs and update them with regularity while advertising them strongly. Obviously, as you might have noted by perusing iPad unit sales reports, not everyone has fallen for your “iPad is the next PC” meme, yet, Tim.

We only say that as those who were already Mac users for over 13 years at the point Cook was still over at Compaq trying to get his Windows PC to work.

Apple’s Mac sales fall, economies shudder – July 12, 2016
IDC, Gartner: Apple’s Mac no longer bucking PC industry’s sales slide – July 12, 2016


  1. No new Macs, some models for years, but Tim made plenty of time to weave custom rainbow watch bands for the Apple employees he implicitly pressured to march in yet another Gay Pride Parade.

      1. I’ll rephrase it for you:

        Tim made plenty of time to weave custom rainbow watch bands for the Apple employees he implicitly pressured to march in yet another Gay Pride Parade, yet there have been no new Macs, some models for years.

        It’s about priorities. It’s about misplaced notions of social crusading that impinge upon the very reason anybody listens to your sanctimonious preaching anyway. Cook should worry about running Apple properly and leave the political bullshit to the politicians. Or quit and run for office instead.

        Need more clarity? Just ask. I’ll be happy to oblige.

        1. Preach it, brother! 🙂 I’ve been emailing Apple for years about creating a “Mac” that is expandable. Apple just doesn’t get it how many people want such a system like this. :/

          1. Indeed, if you have time for any social activism regardless of what they may be, then you have time enough in your schedule to have a meeting with the designers and engineers to do something about the MP. Just imagine if the iPhone was left as is for 3 years! For a leading tech company this is beyond shameful. Yep, many are abandoning ship for windows PCs.

            1. ” Yep, many are abandoning ship for windows PCs.”

              PC sales show that this is simply not true.

              People may be holding onto the Macs they have, but they are not abandoning ship.

              Please take your agenda elsewhere.

            2. Don’t know what you are talking about, the latest sales surveys show that Apple had the biggest year over year declne. Also, HP and Lenovo each make 3 times as many units per year compared to Apple. Dell about 2x. All because Apple refuses to keep improving its hardware to keep up. Also, the pros I know are jumping ship. Cook had better turn the Mac around or it will sink further on his watch.

    1. Damn I did not get those. Limited Edition. They will be valuable. Apple has to make more of these Special and Limited Editions. There are more Gay Brides in the world so there is a market.

    2. For all you whining kiddies going on about Tim Cook and taking dimwitted bigoted potshots at his sexual orientation how about taking a more constructive route (rather than sounding like Blithering Idiot School alumnus).

      Try e-mailing him ( and other Apple executives ( and make your objections known. Or send in your feedback directly to the company:

      Major hint: Don’t be like the loudmouthed pricks you usually are on this site, try to be cordial and to the point. It’ll get much more traction, credibility and ears that way.

        1. Really, you and others here make Foghorn Leghorn look shy and retiring.

          You’re entitled to your opinion, even if wrong. Cook was responsible for much of Apple’s success when Jobs was around so it was natural he’d be a successor, even with missteps that even Jobs himself made. Doubtful many others could have filled in those shoes. It always had to evolve into a slightly different company. If Tim doesn’t learn from his mistakes then the Board should correct it.

          Thanks BTW for not taking my advice to be more constructive but prefer instead to continue to wax assholic here and self-flaggellate too, for all the good it will do you, Apple or consumers.

      1. Poor, little peter. He’s offended, he’s flummoxed, his panties are in a bind. Heaven forbid, some rational and intelligent people share opinions that conflict with his narrow minded bigotries. If Tim Cook wants to broaden his mind and expand his horizons all he has to do is read MDN, right?

            1. You don’t have any on hand, doubtlessly you never have. Common sense and an intelligent course of action are not in your makeup. You prefer to stay neck deep in juvenile behavior. Good luck with that.

            2. Little Frankie, give it up. Your childlike cries for help are truly pitiful. I feel sorry for someone like you who has yet to develop cognitive reason and intelligent methods & arguments to socially respond. Why don’t you have your little tantrums someplace else, hmmm?

    3. I suspect that the lack of interest in keeping the Mac lines updated is not oversight but intentional. Namely, they have financial models they use related to what they release, and given that their customers only have so much to spend, they want that to be on watches, phones and other things that have substantial secondary income streams. This is, unfortunately, a consequence of wanting to please their investors versus wanting to maintain a first class technological landscape.

    1. Tom Cook has a misunderstanding of Steve Jobs mantra regarding making insanely great products with regard to speed. The slowness to release almost put Next under. Fast technological progress always beats the sluggish. Perfection does not exist. Perfect reasonably but not at the expense of meeting deadlines or you risk losing your biggest fans. These subtle differences between Steve’s Apple and Tim’s can destroy Apple. Hit the gas pedal Tim and perfect along the way. Remember, you shouldn’t disprupt your customers’ work, making them wait and sometimes jump ship, while you surprise them years later. You can have speed and surprises.

  2. Stop whining. Apple will introduce the new Macs when the back to school promos close. This waiting for the new Macs is because of they had to wait Intel. So blame Intel and their problems if you need to blame somebody.

    1. Nope… They are not waiting for Intel. Intel has moved well past what Apple is using, and the rest of the world has too..
      My $2000 hackintosh absolutely SMOKES the $4000 Mac Pro..

      They are selling 3+ year old hardware for a ridiculous price. The Mac Pro’s hardware was already a year old when they introduced it, and they still haven’t updated it. The only people buying them are people with too much money that only care about looks.. Power users have moved on. It was an all Windows show at NAB this year, because mac doesn’t even have Thunderbolt 3 yet.

      1. Yeah, I have decided to build a Hackintosh to run macOS 10.12 Sierra and Windows 10 Pro once the newer system support is available. I’m tired of waiting for Apple to give me the “Mac” I want that is expandable. :/ Plus, I want that super fast M.2 SSD drive-on-a-card from OCZ for boot drives. Then get 8 GB HDDs for data storage. 🙂

    2. You’re trying to blame Intel for the Mac Pro going on 3 years with the same processors?

      Apple has zero excuse waiting for back to school promos to close if they’re peddling 1+ year old hardware.

  3. I think Apple knows better where to go than anyone here. Disruption of something is in the way. IMac and MacBook are so yesterday’s news, seriously. Who cares?

    The need to be excited by Apple re-invented a RW-invention every 6 months isn’t very adult.

    We need a fusion we didn’t know we needed. In fact, I think the Mac monitor may be going in favor of some new name like Apple Something. iAppliance is gone, MacOS is gone, Mac may very well be next.

  4. Apple has ignored the Mac for a long while. Its Ok that we get incremental upgrades to OSX (MacOS) for free, and occasionally a processor upgrade for Laptops..

    But the Mac Pro which has been mentioned more times than one can count, has had no upgrades for 3 years +. They really need to go back to the Tower from 2012 and install the latest processors and video cards that will make the Mac Pro scream, sure install a slew of Thunderbolt Ports USB/C ports, whatever on it,

    Its not all about looks, sure its cool to have a Computer that looks as cool as it performs, but I would rather have a system that I can upgrade myself routinely and have Apple support third parties to provide those upgrades as time goes by.

  5. Cook has to wait to see what the competition is doing so he can steal their ideas.

    What else did you expect from Cook? he ain’t no Steve Jobs, that’s for sure.

  6. Here’s what Apple is good at: taking a creaky version of iTunes and flipping everything that used to be on the sidebar into drop-down menu and vice versa. And then forcing you to upgrade for no reason if you want to sync your new iPhone. Thank goodness for Google… I have to look something up almost every day when I come across weird behaviors in OS X

  7. The role that most modern CEOs take (to the detriment of practically everything else) is to dance to Wall Street’s fiddle. That is literally what Cook was doing last week in Sun Valley.

    Between social events, Cook has his people do Wall Street’s bidding with his extreme outsourcing, debt loading, stock buybacks, partnerships in IP-thief China, and so forth. So he gets an A grade from activist investors like Icahn who jumped in, rode the initial surge, and have now jumped out.

    Most investors, however, see huge problem areas: much poor strategy, questionable acquisitions, underwhelming software, stale stores with unknowledgeable blue T-shirted staff, and disappointing new product development that shows complete lack of user focus, ….

    So long as Apple relies on its walled iOS garden as a lever to push everyone to iCloud subscription computing, while ignoring the brilliant Mac personal computing hardware and software that made Apple great in years past, investors and customers will lose the passion they had for the company. They know that iOS is amateur grade, and it always will be. It won’t take too many spaceship campuses or Project Titans to bring Apple from the world’s most valuable company down to where most people see Apple: the world’s next Microsoft. If you look at the direction both companies have taken in the last 5 years, you can see they are operating out of the same playbook.

    1. “investors and customers will lose the passion they had for the company”

      I know that *I’ve* lost the passion for Apple stuff.

      I still like and will buy Apple gear *for myself* and anyone who still wants me to support their stuff, but I’ll not waste my time advocating Apple stuff and defending them against legitimate gripes people have.

      Apple’s a multi-billion dollar company, they can afford their own evangelists. If they aren’t putting themselves out there, why should I?

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