No, the app boom is not over

“There’s a new wave of reporting focused on the post-app era,” Anshu Sharma writes for TechCrunch. “Recode announced ‘The app boom is over.’ Quartz points out how most users never download any apps. Let me be very clear: The app boom is not over.”

Sharma writes, “The reporting on this topic made me think of an imagined Yogi Berra quote: ‘Nobody downloads apps anymore, it’s too crowded.'”

MacDailyNews Take: Blathering, not reporting.

“Let’s start with the facts. The real numbers are amazing —  we are in an unprecedented era of growth when it comes to revenue from apps,” Sharma writes. “There has never been a better time to be an apps developer.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Of course, the app boom is not over – and the numbers prove it.

IDC: Apple’s App Store captured 58% of direct revenue in 2015, an increase of 36% year over year – May 9, 2016
Apple’s App Store revenue nearly double that of Google’s Android – April 20, 2016
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CIRP: Apple iPhone users are younger, richer, and better educated than those who settle for Samsung knockoff phones – August 19, 2013
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Study: Apple iPhone users richer, younger, more productive than other so-called ‘smartphone’ users – June 12, 2009


  1. The writer from Recode has hit a personal app depression. That translates into, making assumptions – what they feel is the same as what everyone else experiences. That’s the reason why we can’t go just on gut feelings but on real data/statistics. How are sales going? What are the numbers, profits/loss?

    I think, for some, there is app fatigue. However a lot of more people are just getting started. I think if you are not excited about new apps or new iPhones, I suggest you take a break and focus on some other aspect in your life. After a bit of time, come back and things will have changed enough to get excited all over again.

  2. Just got a new car with CarPlay and there are currently not many apps.
    What would be nice would be a weather radar app that worked on CarPlay or maybe merged live radar data with Apple Maps.

    Not an active developer, but it adding weather data to maps could be highly useful as some of us have to drive in some pretty whiteout weather. Since maps already show live traffic, adding watches and warnings plus radar and lightening could be a BFD. In winter weather, plotting the freezing line and precip data could help drivers re-route trying to get home as storms come in.

    If Apple will allow a weather app on CarPlay or allow weather data as a plugin on Apple Maps, it could be a winner.

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