Apple’s new iOS 10 Home app takes HomeKit to the next level: Easy control, extra convenience

“Apple’s new iOS 10 is set to launch this fall and a number of neat features are in the mix, including a ‘Home’ app for controlling HomeKit devices,” Alexandra Burlacu writes for Tech Times.

“The connected home is getting smarter, and heavyweight companies such as Apple couldn’t miss the party. Apple’s Home app will serve as a centralized controller for HomeKit-enabled gadgets, something users have long been asking for,” Burlacu writes. “The app will enable users to rely on their iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch using Home as the single control solution for HomeKit gadgets.”

“Taking a closer look at the Home app, the first impression is that it delivers a fast, simple and convenient solution for controlling all connected products within your home,” Burlacu writes. “You can use an Apple TV as a remote hub for HomeKit as well as enable an iPad to act as a hub and enable remote operation for HomeKit-connected devices. Supported HomeKit devices in iOS 10 include air-conditioning systems, humidifiers, air purifiers, heaters, doorbells, cameras and more.”

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MacDailyNews Take: For anyone who been dabbling (or more) in home automation, Apple’s Home app looks like a godsend.

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  1. It currently is not working for me and I have current HW & SW with El Gato Eve. Great on Bluetooth at home but nothing via the ATV online away from home.
    Why not a freaking Macintosh HomeKit app and let the Mac act as a server. Does Tim Cook have something against the Mac?

    1. Don’t get that either. Except that more people have iPads.
      It could be that this is Apple’s play to reinvigorating the iPad business by making it the centre of the home control hub.
      I have a few connectsense devices which can be controlled via an iPhone using iOS9. Works some of the time but not very reliable.
      Hopefully having a central app will be better. I would prefer it on the AppleTV but can be edits with an iPhone or iPad. AppleTVs are always powered, stay in the same place so should be more reliable.

    2. The number one problem with AppleTV HomeKit issues seems to be that you have to set the AppleTV to never sleep. I had mine sleeping after an hour. My assumption was that it would be power napping and still allow Siri commands to my lights and locks while I was away. I reason a tutorial that despite what apple says, the AppleTV needed to be set to always on for them. I did the same and things have been working reliably.

  2. The problem with HomeKit

    1. It will support far fewer accessories then other standards.
    2. This is just a hobby for apple.
    3. Apple as usual will refuse to support other protocols and give access to other accessories.
    4. Apple will some day abandon it like other Apple hobbies and leave users with worthless software and hardware. The list is long for abandoned successful Apple hobbies.
    5. Other hubs are already supporting multiple protocols.
    6. I’ll wait to see who leads in this area supporting the most devices and protocols. It certainly won’t be able and I’m tired of getting left out in the cold by apple.

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