Why Apple’s Spotlight and Siri should merge into one

“Ever since the rumors of Siri making its way to the Mac began gaining credence,” Sébastien Page writes for iDownloadBlog, “I started thinking about how I would like to use the feature on OS X, and what it would mean for Siri on iOS.”

“As I was toying around with the idea of Siri on my Mac, something became apparent very quickly: Siri and Spotlight Search have a lot in common,” Page writes. “So much so that maybe it would make sense to merge then into one feature at some point.”

Page writes, “I think merging both Spotlight and Siri into one feature/entity would make things easier not only for the user who would then know he can search and find anything he wants in one place, but also for Apple who would then be able to brand Siri as the one and only assistant for both your iOS devices and your Mac.”

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MacDailyNews Take: So, Spotlight goes away (becomes “Siri”) and Spotlight’s existing capabilities get integrated into Siri, including the ability to not just talk to, but also type to Siri.

What do you think?


    1. Spotlight’s searching capabilities has indeed diminished over the years as Apple has blocked from the search results items they don’t want users to easily find. I guess because they’re trying to prevent users from accidentally screwing up their systems. That’s a laudable effort, but extremely frustrating for those of us trying to fix obscure MacOS issues. I just wish they’d index everything and let advanced users access those results by simply holding down the command key, or some other combination, and not force us into console mode to find stuff.

  1. DO NOT MERGE. Siri should be an option and stand alone, since it’s just a voice-enabled version of Cortana and these voice systems are far less reliable than text entry, and likely always will be.

    An improved text-based Spotlight that allows advanced filtering is loooooooooooooong overdue.

    Most people are very happy to live without Siri on iOs and on Mac.

    We can only hope that laptop users who attempt to use Siri (a relatively small minority, according to recent stats posted here on MDN) have the courtesy to keep their voice down to avoid annoying everyone else around them.

  2. Don’t care. Don’t use either. Whatever happens, I have no desire to talk to my computer. Spotlight, never figured what it was supposed to do since it never did anything I asked.

  3. Siri has to be at a Core of Everything at Apple… Not just one thing or another.
    But before all that.. It must work better by a couple orders of magnitude.

    We shall see what happens at WWDC….
    Siri, For now, has been choked by Apple !

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