You can now post photos to Instagram from any app on your iPhone

“It took a while, but it finally happened: Instagram now has a convenient way of uploading pictures from any iPhone app, including the default Photos application,” Chris Smith reports for BGR. “That’s a feature fans have craved for almost two years, ever since Apple released iOS 8.”

Smith reports, “Instagram updated its mobile app to version 8.2, which includes various bug fixes and improvements, but also the ability to add an Instagram extension to your activities bar.”

“That means you’ll be able to share a picture on Instagram with a press of a button,” Smith reports, “without having to run the full app.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: To turn it on, go to a photo in, say, Apple’s Photos app and tap the share button, scroll to the right (past Message, Mail, etc.) until you get to the end and can tap “More.” In the “Activities” menu that pops up, scroll to Instagram and turn it on. That’s it! Everywhere you can share an image, Instagram will be a choice. And, yes, it works the same on your iPad and/or iPod touch, too!


  1. Strange that the function is limited to only Instagram if you can turn it on and off.. Why not also offer Facebook and tumbler at the same time at least.

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