MCX’s CurrentC postpones further releases, stops accepting transactions on June 28th

“Weeks after CurrentC was delayed (again) and half the team was laid off, the mobile payment that was supposed to serve as a merchant-backed alternative to payment systems from Apple and Android may be over for good,” Ashlee Kieler reports for Consumerist. “Or at least that’s the impression one might get from an email sent to testers of the system.”

“In an email titled ‘An Important Message from CurrentC,’ the mobile payment system told early testers of its app that starting June 28 the company would end its beta test in Columbus, OH,” Kieler reports. “‘We will be concluding our beta test and postponing further releases of CurrentC on June 28, 2016,’ the email states. ‘Therefore, June 28th will be the last day that transactions will be accepted using CurrentC.'”

“In mid-May, MCX announced that it would concentrate more heavily in the immediate term on other aspects of its business including working with financial institutions, like Chase, to enable and scale mobile payment solutions,” Kieler reports. “‘As part of this transition, MCX will postpone a nationwide rollout of its CurrentC application,’ the company said at the time.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple Pay roadkill.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Rayzor” for the heads up.]


  1. Amazing how some half wit can see Apple Pay and try to make a bad copy, then wonder why it fails spectacularly.

    Saying that, I’ve seen major banks running firewalls that are so out of date when I try to get some support from the Vendor I’m literally laughed off the phone.

  2. The clumsy app that uses QR codes and takes money right out of your bank account is falling? Gee, what a surprise.

    Once again, a reminder to try using Apple Pay at any retailer with a self-swipe card terminal, even if they don’t display the Apple Pay or contactless card logo. You’d be surprised how often it works.


  3. MCX was basically Wal-Mart as they were the driving force behind it. They want very much to control everything in and about their stores so they squeeze the last nickel from it.

    You will know MCX is dead when Apple Pay works at Wally World.

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