Google’s Eric Schmidt reveals his Apple iPhone

“In a rare move, Apple chief executive Cook and his bitter rival, Alphabet boss Schmidt appeared at the opening day of a seminar organised in Amsterdam for the week-long Startup Europe Fest — although they did not take the stage together,” Sophie Mignon reports for Phys.rog.

“And Schmidt, chief executive for Alphabet and former Google boss, triggered laughter when he revealed he had an iPhone — made by his rival — in his pocket as well as a Samsung,” Mignon reports. “When an audience show of hands revealed more people had an iPhone than an Android, Schmidt said ironically: ‘So much for the Android monopoly in Europe.'”

MacDailyNews Take: Smirk.

“It’s not clear which of the two Silicon Valley giants will emerge on top in a contest which highlights the contrast of very different business models,” Mignon reports. “The two companies have a virtual duopoly on the smartphone market, but Apple makes its own hardware and software while Google provides only the free Android software for handsets, including many made by low-cost manufacturers.”

MacDailyNews Take: “It’s not clear which of the two Silicon Valley giants will emerge on top?!”

Puleeze, Sophie. It could not be any clearer:

Apple’s iPhone can soon reap 100 percent of world’s smartphone profits — November 17, 2015

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MacDailyNews Take:

Eric Schmidt, Alphabet Inc. Executive Chairman
Eric Schmidt, Alphabet Inc. Executive Chairman
When Eric T. Mole is tired of slumming it, he reaches for his Apple iPhone.

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  1. Lol. Yeah, Eric runs to the bathroom, pulls out his iPhone, and “phew,” he says, scanning the notifications for apps that just aren’t on Android. “Why did I pick Google again,” he thinks to himself.

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