Teardown: Apple Watch vs. fake Apple Watch

“There are a lot of fake Apple watches available for purchase in Shenzhen; I’d like to think we picked a pretty good one,” Sylvia Wu reports for fictiv. “These knock-off magicians did a great job with the top side appearance; it could fool someone from a moderate distance!”

“When you flip the watches over, that’s where the disguise falls apart. The Fake Apple Watch still relies on physical contact pins to charge itself, whereas the Real Apple Watch is charged by induction,” Wu reports. “t was a lot easier to pry the screen off the Fake Apple Watch. The aluminum case on the Fake Apple Watch is soft and feels like regular Al-6061; it was no match for my trusty Leatherman. However, the Real Apple Watch case is noticeably harder and put up quite a fight. Apple advertises that its custom alloy is 60% stronger than standard alloys. We suspect it’s comparable to 7000 series aluminum.”

MacDailyNews Take: The case of Apple Watch Sport is not comparable to 7000 series aluminum, it is 7000 series aluminum.

Fake Apple Watch (left) vs. genuine Apple Watch Sport
Fake Apple Watch (left) vs. genuine Apple Watch Sport

“The Fake Apple Watch has a fairly standard LCD—it’s the kind of LCD screen you used to find on old iPhones. The build quality is awful; all of these layers peeled off without any effort on our part,” Wu reports. “In contrast, the Real Apple Watch features technology that you only find in high-end electronics. The flexible OLED display is super thin and makes traditional LCD screens look outdated.”

Tons more in the full, illustrated teardown here.

MacDailyNews Take: If it’s not an Apple Watch, it’s not an Apple Watch.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Christine Evans” for the heads up.]


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