How many Apple Watch units did Apple sell last quarter?

“Strategy Analytics is the source of the 2.2 million [Apple Watch] units estimate,” Max Greve reports for Seeking Alpha. “The 2.2 million number always seemed a little high to me. 2.2 million units at even a measly $400 ASP would have put Watch revenue at $880 million.”

“That never seemed very likely, since Apple’s most recent earnings report had ‘Other Products,’ which is Watch, TV, Beats and iPod, at $2.19 billion total,” Greve reports. “The number was only $500 million more than a year ago, which was the last quarter before Watch launched. So even if none of the other categories had grown at all, 1.2 million would have probably been closer to the truth.”

“Of course, iPod sales might make up some of the discrepancy. Sales of iPods have been falling for years, so if Watch picked up all the net growth, plus all the decline in iPod sales, it could grow more than the whole category,” Greve reports. “The problem is, iPod sales just aren’t big enough… Watch does not get to keep all, or even most, of the iPod/net growth money for itself. It has to share a substantial portion of it with another product. Apple TV and Apple Watch are both drinking from the same trough, revenue-wise. What’s good for one is bad for the other. Subtracting Apple TV’s low-ball $360 million leaves only $320 million for the Apple Watch… $320 million divided by $400 ASP leaves only 800,000 [Apple Watch] units sold.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s now been over a year since Apple Watch launched. We expect to hear more about watchOS 2.0 (and maybe even something about the future of Apple Watch) next month at WWDC.

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  1. I wonder if eliminating the scroll wheel could lower the cost of the watch. I find that I never use it, relying on the usual touch screen gestures instead. Anybody else find the wheel superfluous?

    1. It actually should have four more buttons, like a Garmin Runner’s Watch. As long as I use the AP indoors, it’s ok. Outdoors, with sweaty hands or rain, the screen is unresponsive, so use a Garmin for working out.

    2. Apple Watch, something that’s a problem in search of a solution. A fatally flawed product for one main reason:

      A screen size that is just too small to serve as a valid computing device.

      Another flaw is that a smartwatch is redundant in relation to a smartphone.

      Then there’s all the other particular stuff like 1 day battery life, slow performance, etc.

      While MDN and some fanboys will tout the Apple Watch, the real world isn’t buying smartwatches because of these above flaws. Smartwatches are a deadend product category.

      I would buy an Apple Watch for no other reason than to add to my collection of Apple products.

  2. Does it even matter? I feel certain Apple will never sell ENOUGH AppleWatches for investor’s satisfaction. I suppose every product Apple sells has to be close to iPhone sales numbers to be considered a success. I’ll bet Apple has received more profits from AppleWatch sales than any other company selling wearables. Although I’m not sure what the criteria for success is. Profits or most number of units sold?

      1. You can waste a few moments reading any nonsense post from (anonymous) Joe, or you can save yourself the time and agravation and just skip (idiot) Joe’s post. You aren’t missing a thing except major and rampant stupidity

        Guess which option is the better choice?

  3. Surely watch sales are more titled towards the holidays, and on top of that a revamp is long due. I already plan to give one as a gift and would buy another for myself, but wouldn’t think of it until a new one is released. If sales weren’t currently in decline I’d be amazed.

  4. Talking about iPods, I know seven people who bought Apple Watches mainly because they want to use it as an iPod. When you cannot carry your phone and must use wireless earphones that’s pretty much the only option. Only problem is that you can’t load a separate library to the watch, it always mirrors the one in iPhone.

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