Hermès bands for Apple Watch now available separately for $340-$690

“Earlier this month, Apple announced that it would make the premium Hermès bands for Apple Watch available as a standalone purchase and today it has done just that,” Chance Miller reports for 9to5Mac. “Now, Apple Watch customers can purchase a Hermès band for their Apple Watch separately via Apple’s online store.”

“Previously, the only way to obtain a Hermès band was to buy it paired with the Apple Watch itself,” Miller reports.

“Now, the Hermès Single Tour band is available for $340 by itself… The Hermès Double Tour band is available solely in the 38mm variety and comes in at $490,” Miller reports. “Rounding out the Hermès Apple Watch band lineup is the Cuff option, which is available only in a 42mm size and in deer brown. The Cuff band will run interested customers $690.”

Apple Watch Hermès with Double Tour leather band
Apple Watch Hermès with Double Tour leather band

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MacDailyNews Take: Gorgeous Hermès quality for any Apple Watch further separates the Apple Watch experience from the myriad low-end stupidwatches that currently litter the market.

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      1. Really? This really needs explaining?

        I’m not saying only rich people are gullible. But you’d have to be rich *and* gullible to afford this. Poor gullible people are welcome to save up and prove they’re equally stupid, if not moreso, to pay more than the cost of the watch for a brown leather strap.

        Also, there are a lot of astoundingly stupid/lucky people who are rich, so them having done something right to have their money isn’t a certain thing by any means.

    1. I’m really interested in this – as a dev i’ve been wondering how to test AW apps on the Hermes one- apple wouldn’t want multiple builds for the same watchOS but in Xcode there’s no way to sim a Hermes watch, or an option i can find at least…

      surely we need this for proper testing and QA!

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