After Apple Music release, Kanye West sued over Tidal exclusivity promise

“On Monday, Kanye West fan Justin Baker-Rhett sued West and S. Carter Enterprises (SCE), the company that owns music streaming service Tidal,” Megan Geuss reports for Ars Technica.

“Baker-Rhett alleges that the rapper and the streaming platform falsely promised that West’s most recent album, The Life of Pablo, would be exclusive to Tidal and would never show up on any other competing streaming service, nor would it be sold for download or in any physical media format,” Geuss reports. “But just a month and a half after the release of Life of Pablo on Tidal, the album showed up on Apple Music and Spotify.”

“Baker-Rhett is asking the court to certify a class action against West and SCE, which is owned by rapper Jay-Z,” Geuss reports. “The plaintiff claims that West and Tidal defrauded customers, engaged in false advertising, practiced unfair competition, and enjoyed unjust enrichment from the millions of subscribers who handed over their personal information to the company to sign up for the service because they believed Life of Pablo wouldn’t be available anywhere else.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Certainly sounds like fraud, doesn’t it?

Tidal is a joke.

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  1. Oh Kanye news again? I didn’t know he was significant enough to be worthy of news unless it is meant as a joke such as him being considered a talented musician.

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