“Hip-hop artist Drake has some bad news for streaming-music service Spotify,” Don Reisinger reports for Fortune. “He plans to make his upcoming album, Views From the 6, available exclusively on Apple Music later this month, according to a tweet he posted on Sunday.”

“Drake’s decision to offer exclusive access to his album only on Apple Music is just the latest in a series by artists to limit availability of their albums to favored streaming services,” Reisinger reports. “Other artists, including Adele and Taylor Swift, have snubbed Spotify over concerns that offering their albums on the streaming service would hurt the music industry by eating into an artist’s royalties.”

Reisinger reports, “Unlike Apple Music, which is fully pay-to-play, Spotify offers a free, ad-supported streaming service that has come under fire from artists who say they earn too little for their music.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Oh ok, Spotify’s descent into also-ran status proceeds apace.

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