Why Google Play sales still can’t keep up with Apple’s App Store

“Google has faced criticism for not doing enough to monetize its Google Play business,” Puneet Sikka writes for Market Realist. “”

“This problem persists as the gap between it and Apple’s App Store sales has increased,” Sikka writes. “According to a report from Techcrunch citing App Annie, the App Store earned 80% more revenue than Google Play in 3Q15. This metric was up from 70% in 2Q15. This outperformance is despite the number of downloads from Google Play being 90% higher than the App Store’s.”

Sikka writes, “The main reason for this discrepancy is Apple’s focus on China, where the company continues to churn fast growth.”

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MacDailyNews Take: No it’s not.

The main reason for this discrepancy is demographics.

Those with disposable income and the proven will to spend it own iPhones. Those without settle for iPhone knockoffs.

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  1. google tried to monetize its search business with crappy cheap ads and failed. It then had to produce fake earnings reports to stop investors from lynching them. It has bigger things to worry about right now than how to “monetize” its Google Play business.

  2. Apple’s P/E is 10.27. Alphabet’s P/E is 31.4. I think that just about says it all. Investors have far more confidence in Alphabet than they do in Apple. Whether Alphabet can monetize Play Store is a moot point. Apple appears to be going nowhere and will probably be overtaken by Alphabet in market cap. Apple needs to learn how to convince Wall Street what’s important as far as company value is concerned. Fast growth for Apple in China is something most big investors aren’t aware of.

  3. … I’d of course add the fear of malware factor. Despite Google’s ‘vetting’ of apps put into the Google Play store, the place continues to be a rat hole of malware to which Google ends up responding after-the-fact of infection. My guess is that Google has still not faced up to the facts regarding the impact of fragmandroid. If the malware can’t compromise Marshmallow, then it’s safe! Right? (0_o)

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