Apple Watch 2 likely won’t launch until September – and that makes perfect sense

“The rumor mill has been suggesting that the updated Apple Watch 2 would appear this March,” Adrian Kingsley-Hughes writes for ZDNet. “However, the current crop of rumors all suggest that this might not be the case.”

“Sources claim that while the iPad Air 3 and iPhone 5se are expected to make an appearance in March, Apple Watch fans might have to make do with new bands, including a range on new Sports Bands, and a black version of the Milanese Loop band,” Kingsley-Hughes writes. “It makes perfect sense for Apple to hold back on releasing an update to the Apple Watch until later on this year because it’s really not under any pressure from the competition to do so. There isn’t a product in the smartwatch arena that comes close to the Apple Watch either in terms of features or sales.”

Apple's newest Apple Watch Sport models
Apple Watch Sport models

Kingsley-Hughes writes, “But there are a few of other reasons, and these are more important in the long term.”

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MacDailyNews Take: If Apple were to release a range of “Apple Smartbands” for the existing Apple Watch, starting with the “Apple Smartband GPS,” they would sell millions more Apple Watch units with this move alone.

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  1. “It makes perfect sense for Apple to hold back on releasing an update to the Apple Watch until later on this year because it’s really not under any pressure from the competition to do so. There isn’t a product in the smartwatch arena that comes close to the Apple Watch either in terms of features or sales.”

    Who cares?! You release a new watch to improve on the original’s problems.. like battery life, and a generally hamfisted user interface (mostly software updates, granted). Most of what people are doing with Apple Watch could be done with a wristband, really. No one uses Apple Watch apps, for example.

      1. You’re being really kind to Apple here. The app universe UI (again, a Software problem) is a horrific UX.

        As for this notion of ‘we make the best stuff, why bother making another one?’ is deplorable and goes against everything Apple stands for. It sounds like hubris, after one release of the watch?

        Wake up guys, the Fitbit’s clunky wearables are killing AppleWatch in battery life and usability. I am right smack in the middle of Apple’s target market, I’ve played with the watch in the store, read about it, etc and am thoroughly ‘meh’ on this product.

    1. While I agree that the apps for AW are mostly constrained by the underpowered watch, I disagree that “nobody uses” apps for the AppleWatch. DarkSky, for example, is fabulous. Spark is great, as is Fantastical.
      Sorry, a wristband is NOT an AppleWatch. As the watch evolves, and tech improves, the advantages will become apparent – even to people like you!

  2. There was a point back around 2007 when Apple were releasing new products every other month or so. What was great about that was the feeling that Apple were constantly coming up with something new.
    So I would really like Apple to start doing that again. Spread out the releases where feasible since it creates excitement and free publicity.

    1. No, Apple did not “release new products every other month”. NEVER have and never will.
      The release of major categories by Apple is rather consistent throughout the life of Apple Corp. I would rather it be done right then to try to throw stuff out there for the sake of doing so.

      Sometimes you cannot see the forest for the trees. If you just give it a little thought, you can begin to visualize where Apple is going – hint – phones and pads are NOT the goal…

  3. They need to cut their losses on this one.

    I can’t even imagine a more ridiculous product if I tried hard every day.

    The targeted IQ for consumers that Apple is marketing this product to exist in the range of 50 down to 20 (morons and imbeciles), and also falls below 20 (complete idiots)!

    Douchebags have an IQ below 10, yet they also happen to be the strongest Apple Watch demographic.

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