How Apple could take the original video market by storm

“In addition to the possibility of offering subscription programming from major TV networks and film studios, [Apple] could build an original content business of its own,” Matt Kapko writes for CIO. “Apple could potentially offer both a subscription video service and create original video content, and such a dual-play approach would mirror the strategies of its most likely competitors, including Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu. And the Apple TV streaming box could help complete the company’s vision for melding software with premium content and hardware. However, any original programming from Apple wouldn’t likely be restricted to Apple TV and would also be available on devices that support iTunes.”

“‘There’s certainly room for companies to make a mark and I’m not at all surprised Apple wants to get into this,’ says Karen Allen, a digital entertainment consultant based in Los Angeles. Original TV and film programming is ‘a proven strategy’ that adds a layer of exclusivity and differentiation for over-the-top (OTT) content distributors, she says,” Kapko writes. “‘It also does a lot to push the perception of the service in the eyes of Hollywood,’ according to Allen, who adds that flagship shows from Netflix, Amazon and Hulu have received Golden Globes, Emmys and other entertainment industry accolades.”

“To succeed in TV and film, Apple needs to bring in established Hollywood players that know how to put shows together, according to Allen,” Kapko writes. “Netflix, Hulu and Amazon all helped to prove that technology companies can develop elite content to compete with Tinseltown’s more traditional fare, she says.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote last September:

There is a finite amount of top flight producers, writers, directors. The company with the deepest pockets (and the willingness to reach into them and dispense the contents) wins this game.

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      1. If it’s featuring Dr. Dre then it’s definitely garbage. I’m not even an SJW puke and I think that’s some woman hating vile crap that’s coating his entire latest album. What a pathetic move by Apple to associate with him just to make money off music.

  1. Even though I’m not a hip hopper I think the Dre thing is a smart idea. There are now 11 million Apple Music subscribers, which means it is rapidly expanding. Adding unique content will bring in additional subscribers and the Apple Music platform will thrive.

    Today Eddie and Craig were on the Gruber podcast and Eddie revealed the Apple Music number. Since Apple Music is a success, it my opinion that additional Apple streaming services will be a go.

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