Dr. Dre to star in Apple’s first, sex-soaked scripted television series ‘Vital Signs’

“Apple is making its first original television show. The Hollywood Reporter has learned that the technology giant is backing a top-secret scripted series starring one of its own executives, Beats co-founder and rap legend Dr. Dr,” Michael O’Connell and Lesley Goldberg report for The Hollywood Reporter.

“Multiple sources say the 50-year-old mogul is starring in and executive producing his own six-episode vehicle, dubbed Vital Signs, and the production is being bankrolled by Apple,” O’Connell and Goldberg report. “The series likely will be distributed via Apple Music, the company’s subscription streaming site, but it’s not clear if Apple TV, the iTunes store or other Apple platforms (or even a traditional television distributor) will be involved.”

“Those who have seen descriptions of the Dr. Dre show say it is billed as semi-autobiographical, with each episode focusing on a different emotion and how Dre’s character deals with it,” O’Connell and Goldberg report. “While technically a half-hour, the show is not a comedy. Instead, it is described as a dark drama with no shortage of violence and sex. In fact, an episode filming Monday and Tuesday this week featured an extended orgy scene. Sources tell THR naked extras simulated sex in a mansion in the Bird Streets neighborhood of Los Angeles’ Hollywood Hills… The first season will roll out all at once, regardless of venue, a la Netflix. Apple is said to be very bullish on the project.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Since Apple Music is on Apple TV, we’d assume this series would be available to subscribers via Apple TV, too.

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      1. For months I have been upset about the naysayers and doomsday cryers over Apple on this site. But with this news, I am afraid I must join them. Apple is doomed! Tim get some morals will ya?

  1. How did we get from, “Folks who want porn can buy [an] Android phone.”

    To, “Apple is said to be very bullish on the project”.

    I know, and most of you probably do to.

    Before Rome fell, it too had a strong culture of immorality. History repeats, but is anyone listening/watching, and do they care?

    Rules, standards, and discipline generally* lead to great accomplishments, innovations, and achievements.

    A lack of rules, standards, and discipline will not lead to a greater, stronger culture. To the contrary.

    America was a great country. We need to choose (not be compelled) to be better people. Dr Dre, his project, and the people at Apple that are “bullish” have one thing on their mind and it’s NOT strengthening society our our great American culture.


    1. People who repeatedly tout how America used to be a such great country seem to forget that it was only great for one group of people. Straight, white, men.

      While I happen to be a straight, white, man. I recognize that America has historically been a pretty wretched place to live if you didn’t fit into that one very specific subset of the population that was allowed to work, own land, own other people, and vote.

      Let’s not make America great again, let’s finally make it great for everyone.

      1. Please explain why so many are will to risk their lives to get to this country if what you are saying is true. If you have been paying attention, it is NOT straight, white men illegally coming to this country.

        Your assertion originates from a certain party and is nefarious in its intentions.

      2. There is no denying it: America is the greatest country in the world. We are blessed with unparalleled freedoms and boundless prosperity that for generations have inspired an innovative and industrious people. America is exceptional.

        American Exceptionalism is the standard that our laws reflect the understanding that we are afforded certain God-given rights that can never be taken away. We know that God, not government, bestows upon us these inalienable rights, and because of that, they must not be compromised by the whims of man. This makes us a unique nation, a nation that remains, as President Ronald Reagan once said, “a model and hope to the world.”

        America is the greatest nation on Earth. We are not just any other nation, and we are certainly not analogous to our friends in Europe and elsewhere. Our exceptionalism is forever ingrained in our founding documents that spell out exactly the roles of the federal government in relation to individual rights and states’ rights.

        Truth is eternal, and simply ignoring the truths of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution won’t make them go away. And frankly, there are enough Americans, including me, who love it and our country far too much to allow our exceptionalism to be bartered for further expansion of an already out-of-control federal government.

        Herman Cain

        (FYI, Elmo, Mr. Cain is a black man, since I know how you love to keep score based on the color of people’s skin rather than the content of their character, you racist.)

          1. Watching the debates of the Democrat Party, the party of slavery BTW, Clinton and Sanders both think America is a mess. So, why wouldn’t we want something different?

            The Democrat Party candidates: One of them belongs in a Soviet retirement home and the other in Leavenworth.

        1. You invoke the name of Herman Cain. You might as well invoke Ben Carson too.

          Then you will have the entirety of the African Americans who support your Point of View.

      3. The idea that America was “a pretty wretch place to live” if you weren’t a straight white male is an offshoot of the left-wing fantasy that life should be seamless and smooth., and the government is obliged to make it that way. America was certainly not perfect for gays, minorities, and women, but wretched? No uncontrived meaning for the word applies. I don’t remember a lot of blacks, women, or gays leaving the U.S. for other, better societies; perhaps the American left should use reality, rather than the Land of Oz, as their benchmark for evaluating their country.

        1. So you’re going to tell me that the time period between pre-1776 and around 1964 wasn’t wretched for minorities?

          Please enlighten me about how awesome life was when you were a slave. Or how about that time you were denied the right to vote based on your race? That sounds pretty wretched to me, and it was reality and a living hell for millions. So piss. right. off.

            1. Do you think that disproves the idea that America is “great” for minorities? You just pointed out the truth: once pro-slavery forces lost that battle, they worked hard to enact evil policies that would fall most heavily on minority communities. Sure, those monstrous policies also hurt poor white people, but for bigots, that was an easy price to pay. The reality is they also hate most poor people. Even more disgusting, they could use the bigotry of poor white people to sell the policies as meant to hurt “those people” and thus get bigoted poor white people to vote against their own interests.
              Again, let’s abandon the bullshit idea that America _was_ great, and instead focus on making it better for everyone, now and in the future. Rather than live in la-la land of self-deception (and racist dog-whistle slogans), let’s try to actually make a better world for all.

        2. First of all, if you’re going to use Hollywood’s most famous alter-ego, at least you can do is SPELL it right. “Alan Smithee” has an “h” in it.

          It’s not a fantasy to think life should be seemless and smooth. It certainly is for a lot of people in this country who were born into wealth –most of whom just happen to be straight and white. The fact that you don’t believe in institutional racism and inborn privilege doesn’t mean it’s not there.

      4. People who point out your straight white men group are quick to forget that America built into its founding documents the ability for the nation to change with the times without requiring a revolution and government overthrow. While the country has been conservative and slow to change, it has led the world in many cases. Many countries don’t allow women to drive – much less vote. And try being a minority in many Eurasian and South American countries. Put your comments in context. America does a great job of correcting its errors. I’m the gay child of Iranian parents who emigrated to America. You can’t know the rest of the world to have such disrespect for your nation. Yes, I have traveled back on one occasion. With few exceptions such as Brazil, America is very accepting.

  2. What do you expect from Apple? They’re transitioning from a company that made great products that just worked (where did that motto go?) to one that pushes a morally corrupt social agenda.

    When did it start?
    October 5, 2011

  3. First, $3 Billion for Beats was TOO MUCH money.

    Second, Apple has issues with quality control and needs to focus on fixing it.

    Third, what is Cue doing???????

    Fourth, why is Apple making this their premier originally produced content?

    Fifth, what does “while technically a half-hour, the show is not a comedy” mean???? I don’t understand this description.

  4. Wow! So many close minded people here. Take a deep breath and relax. Wait and see what the show is really about. If you don’t like it then you can trash it. I think it sounds pretty interesting and unique. But I will reserve judgement until I see it.

    1. There’s a difference between close minded and calling trash, trash. Bad company corrupts good character. Do you know where that comes from?

      If being closed minded means that I protect myself from the influence of trash, then I’m a responsible close minded person and proud of it.

      1. “Six 30-minute episodes have reportedly been ordered, and all will be released in one batch. The show is described as a ‘dark drama with no shortage of violence and sex’, an unusual step for the company, which has cultivated a PG reputation through what kinds of content it permits on its iTunes store and App Store. For example, Beats 1, Apple’s online radio station, bleeps out curse words. A scene filmed earlier this week reportedly involves ‘simulated sex’.”

        Rubbish indeed!

        It’s hard to believe how Apple is so willing to abandon its values for the sake of easy profits. Cook has to go. Take Dre with you too.

  5. Crikey it sounds like Mother Teresa has taken over this thread from beyond the grave. As you know nothing about this other than a rather Factless and contradictory piece that is more conjecture than informative, probably best you wait to have something to get hysterical about before you all get your woollen knickers in a twist and start calling down thunderbolts.

  6. don’t really want to comment on the show directly as I know little of the TV business and I’ll like to see it first before saying anything about ‘content’ but…

    on a side issue why is Apple bankrolling something like that when other stuff in Apple are languishing?

    one example is the Mac:

    Apple doesn’t spend any money on Mac marketing but it has money to bankroll shows?
    last serious Mac campaign Mac/PC guy, 66 different ads (one new one a month) ended years ago, now there aren’t even any cheap Web Ads for Mac or even any ‘social media’ advertising.

    Note that Mac revenues are near iPads , about $7 billion last quarter compared to way smaller estimates of Apple Music (10 m subscribers at 10 bucks a month = 300m revenue a quarter). 7b vs 300 m (or mac revenues over 20 times Apple music)

    No I’m NOT saying new revenues like Apple Music is bad or we shouldn’t push it, I’m just saying Apple doesn’t market macs as if ‘money was tight’ yet they spend cash on TV shows (which will make way less than Macs).

    Also they haven’t updated Macs like the Mac Pro, Mac Pro for $4000 bucks has 3 GB non upgradable video cards whilst PCs can get 12 GB cards now… (Barefeats site shows a 5 year old Mac Pro with upgradable cards being 2 to three times faster on GPU tasks than a new MP ! )

    also some users have been clamouring for a mid tower mac between the (crippled) Mac Mini and the Mac Pro. (Also good for millions of potential windows switchers who don’t want to get rid of their monitors and get an iMac)

    why don’t Apple FOCUS on some CORE things first like Macs?
    (the stock is one third the P.E of Google, i.e if it had the same P.E it would $300 now because investors are worried it’s a ‘one product iPhone company’ yet Apple doesn’t pay attention to big platforms like Mac while they do stuff like TV shows?

    1. You are 100% right. Tim Cook is leading Apple down into the sewer, ignoring EVERYTHING that made Apple one of the greatest companies in the world. As an Apple shareholder, I am utterly disgusted with the company and am very close to losing faith in its future and selling my stock.

  7. And how is this a “top secret’ with all the details down to orgy Scenes .

    And how does a movie get distributed through a music channel? ……..the content owner also has a video distribution channal .
    Convoluted and senseless…

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