1. Just great, it will be so exciting to get the first Apple Glass !!!!!!!!!!!!


    VR seems more like another car-like money pit than anything else at this point. Hard to see what consumers would get out of this technology, at any price.

    1. I would love to see an Apple Glass. But it would have to look like regular eyeglasses. Augmented reality in a suitably packaged wearable device would have an iPhone-like impact.

    2. I think the gaming industry could be a winner of the tech is good.

      The MS Hololens demo was pretty wild from a gaming perspective. Of course you have to take any MS presentation with a grain of salt, what you see is often not what you get!

      1. I would strongly prefer that Apple remain in the realm of science reality. Apple is such a huge laggard in gaming and 3D and UHD video, it’s not clear that Apple would know what to do with a virtual reality technology if they had any.

  2. I would like to see Apple use their genius in optics to develop a microprocessor controlled contact lens that not only corrects vision myopic and biopic but also super magnifies, has telephoto capabilities, along with night vision and is also sensitive to the non viewable electromagnetic spectrum ie. infrared and x-ray with just a tap on my Apple Watch.

  3. If this is an indication of apples foresight .. Its rather alarming.
    Have they just started paying serious attention to VR ?

    I doubt it .. I have seen vr related job posting going back 7-8 years…

    But never the less.. Still wondering… Where is Apples R&D headed…what is their vision of the future?

    Apple is making a mistake not exciting/teasing the market with some fantastic ideas for the future ….
    Hence pe of 10

  4. I did a quick research review of who’s getting into VR this year. I’m seriously guessing there are a COUPLE DOZEN companies attempting to jump into the VR hardware market. I strongly suspect an all out war with lots of casualties amidst persistent mediocrity. As ever, it’s going to take a killer app/game on affordable hardware to tip customers into any one company’s direction beyond the ‘Gee Whiz’ stage. Here comes the onslaught. 😳😲

    1. I think you’ve got it. The heard of VCs and established players are rushing in because … well … the others are rushing in. They will all struggle to come up with a compelling interface to do … something. Is it a solution in search of a problem?

      If someone’s come up with a killer app for VR they’re keeping it a closely held secret. We’ll witness casualties galore over the next few years. Eventually something of use will emerge. But it could be a decade or more before we see it widely deployed.

  5. I think that there are two important considerations that always apply when Apple considers a new technology.

    1) What is the killer application? Exactly what will the user do with it?

    2) How can we make a practical business model out of this?

    Apple always has a really clear vision of what users will do with new products. They never need to fob people off with “The uses are only limited by your imagination”. Apple uses it’s own imagination to offer the solutions that users might not have imagined that they needed.

    Monetisation is also crucial to Apple. They make money by hardware sales or by services. Any new product will have to either make a direct d]profit in one of those categories, or else have a very high probability of driving increased hardware sales, or use of paid services.

    Apple will only get into VR when it has sensible answers to those two questions.

  6. Apple is going to do what they always do – wait until a technology is mature then swoop in with great hardware and software and own the market.

    I’ve used Samsung’s Gear VR and it’s AWESOME, but still a beta product. The phone overheats within 20 minutes. And even 2560 x 1440 resolution isn’t enough to overcome pixelation.

    I see Apple making a stand-alone product that will be a separate line and not an iPhone accessory. It’ll need a 6-7 inch screen at 4k or even 5k resolution, and a processor that can drive all those pixels. Pricing would have to comparable to the iPad.

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