“Members of VMware’s ‘Hosted UI’ team — the developers responsible for the virtualization company’s Workstation and Fusion desktop products — were apparently laid off on Monday as part of a restructuring of the company that was announced yesterday,” Sean Gallagher reports for Ars Technica. “The developers were just a part of a larger layoff as the company moved to cut costs and brought aboard a new chief financial officer.”

“In a blog post, Christian Hammond, a former member of the Hosted UI team, reported the layoff, along with concerns about the future of the ‘award winning and profitable’ desktop virtualization products,” Gallagher reports. “‘VMware lost a lot of amazing people, and will be feeling that for some time to come, once they realize what they’ve done,’ Hammond wrote.”

“VMware was acquired by EMC in 2004, which offered 15 percent of VMware’s stock in a 2007 initial public offering. EMC is in the process of being acquired by Dell, which would give Dell a majority stake in VMware,” Gallagher reports. “In other words, blame Michael Dell.”

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MacDailyNews Take: For those stuck having to slum it with Windows on your Mac, what’s your poison: Parallels, Fusion, Boot Camp, VirtualBox, or something else?

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