No, Apple is not dying and neither is the iPhone

“Let’s get this out of the way first: Despite what you may have heard, the iPhone is not dying,” Farad Manjoo reports for The New York Times. “Neither, by extension, is Apple.”

“If Apple is now hitting a plateau, it’s important to remember that it’s one of the loftiest plateaus in the history of business. The $18.4 billion profit that Apple reported on Tuesday is the most ever earned by any company in a single quarter,” Manjoo reports. “t’s necessary to start with these caveats because people have a tendency to react strongly, almost apoplectically, to any suggestion of weakness on Apple’s part. Like pickles, cilantro and Ted Cruz, Apple inspires extreme opinion. The doubters are now ascendant.”

“At the moment, Apple’s biggest problem is its own success. The iPhone turns nine this year. The iPad turns six. These devices have made Apple the world’s most valuable company,” Manjoo reports. “Apple’s iPhone business is now so huge it sounds almost fantastical… Two-thirds of the world’s countries have gross domestic products smaller than annual sales of the iPhone.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple was at least two years late with properly-sized iPhones. With iPhone 6/Plus in Q115, they had wild success due to massive pent-up demand. That they topped it in Q116 with the 6s/Plus is remarkable, almost unfathomable, and even more so considering the macroeconomic headwinds that are blasting the company in the face.

Anyone who fails to realize the magnificent scope of what Apple accomplished this past quarter simply cannot see the forest for the trees.

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    1. Actually, Wall Street says Facebook rules. Shares up 14% on earnings. Basically, they’re making Apple shareholders look like fools. Facebook is seen by Wall Street as being more relevant than Apple. It’s new skool vs old skool and Apple is on the short end.

      The F.A.N.G. stocks are already set to crush Apple again this year. This is reality.

      1. It’s reality in he stock world which is so unreal as to only be explainable by some conscious deliberate intent aka rigged. Come up with whatever conspiracy theory you want the explain the ongoing madness on Wall Street. Apple is extremely successful and they don’t let certain government agencies and unscrupulous forces influence them… Maybe if you can tank the stock long enough they can get rid of the current top management at Apple and find a way to plant their stooges?… I wouldn’t be surprised. Either way, a few are making huge profits controlling the markets any way they want and applying influence at the same time… Hopefully Apple will stand strong as well as its customer base…

  1. The problem is – Wall Street doesn’t understand Apple. They don’t get it about the strategy of “we only want to produce great products”.

    So, for those of us who actually get it – let’s piss on Wall Street.

    1. So many on Wall Street keep waiting for someone to take the market away from Apple. They are in no way complex thinkers. They expect the history of windows to repeat itself. It’s like someone who went to a restaurant and had a bad meal and will never go back.

      Guess what, the chef changed, ingredients changed, wait staff changed, menu probably changed. Can’t look back 3 years and think that if you go to that restaurant you will get the same crappy meal.

      There were lot’s of factors back in the Mac / Windows time that simply don’t apply now. And conversely, there are lots of things today that do have big meaning that wern’t even factors back in the day, like security, like data mining, like mobility, like design. You carry a phone today, you likely never carried your computer until laptops. In many ways the iPhone is the really first “personal computer”.

      Wall Street keeps expecting Apple to fail not understanding that full integration of hardware and software yields and incrementally better product.

  2. Steve Jobs once actually pissed on IBM’s sign at their corporate HQ. Those photos exist.

    Tim Cook should stop and take a whiz on the Wall Street “bull monument”.

  3. More specifically – Bill Clinton got impeached due to damaging information from data mining the Starr Report delivered to Congress – which voted to release the report before reading it.

    1. Bill Clinton was impeached for perjury and obstruction of justice. Bill Clinton was a sexual predator. When someone finally took him to trial for it, he tried to lie his way out — kind of like what Hillary is doing with her illegal email server.

  4. From my perspective as a committed Apple-platform software developer for several decades – with political connections – after spending a few days with John Sculley at Bill Clinton’s “transitional White House” War Room back in the 1990s –

    There is a big unreported story in US history about Apple Inc.’s role in presidential politics back in the 1990’s – and again today,

    1. you don’t have to fire them,

      apple, mdn, or somebody just needs to track what these people say and prognosticate and keep a box score on hits and misses.

      and make the scores public. on a regular basis.

      as the misses add up it will fairly quickly become evident as to who knows their onions and who doesn’t.

      think of it as a sort of analytical jujitsu – turn their own energy against them and reveal to everyone who the doofii truly are – then they can be ignored and dismissed. (both figuratively, and even better, literally)

  5. This happens every ‘s’ model year. The analysts predict doom and gloom, no innovation left at Apple, iPhone has peaked, Apple too reliant on iPhone, the iPhone and iPad markets are too mature where are the new hit products coming from? blah, blah.

    The fact that iPhone sales (on an ‘s’ year) were slightly more than last years (with massive pent up demand) in tough economic times, is nothing short of miraculous.
    Falling iPad sales had more to do no new iPad Air. I’m ready to upgrade as soon as it is available.
    Most of the Macbook range is also due for upgrades.

    Despite the ‘disappointing’ sales of the main products, Apple still made record revenue and profit.

    So the extra billions must have come from somewhere.
    Here’s a hint for the dumbfuck analysts, there were a couple of new product markets opened up just recently.
    I wonder if they could guess what they are?

  6. Apple has practically turned over the market cap crown to Alphabet without so much as a whimper. Sitting on a pile of cash and throwing away tens of billions of dollars of cash on buybacks didn’t help Apple shareholders one bit. I’m not criticizing Apple and I’m only stating the obvious. I know Apple isn’t in any trouble as the news media likes to state but Apple’s mindshare is practically nil and there’s absolutely no chance of reversal on the horizon. Microsoft will likely have a far better year in 2016 than Apple.

  7. If/when Apple is in any REAL trouble, we here will be the first to yell and rant about it. Note that Apple is never perfect and that we here do ALREADY yell and rant about the company’s blunders.

    IOW: If anyone expects the categorical cliché of ‘fanbois’ around here, forget it. Apple fanatics are the most discerning technology users on the planet. We demand the best, dammit. Etc.

    Meanwhile, because Apple is so profoundly different from most other businesses, they are commonly misunderstood and underrated. We’re an what has to be the most incredibly idiotic period of such misunderstanding and underrating in Apple history. But it’s FAR from the first time. I love offering this link, time and again, to people unfamiliar with Apple’s history. What you’ll find and read on this web page at MacObserver is stunning:

    Apple Death Knell Counter

    The page covers proclamations of APPLE DOOM from Apr 20, 1995 to the present day. The more profit records Apple breaks, the most hilarious this list becomes.

    May Apple and other quality companies that consider their customers to be collaborators, continue to thrive! May all the parasite companies die the dismal death they’re due. 😀

  8. Those that are selling are gamblers. They are selling to take their profits and put them in the next big ride for the next quarter, Facebook. That is their job. Tim’s job is to make sure the price goes up all the time. This is a bump in the road for the company but a clear sign that Wall Street is just Las Vegas. No one is investing in a company that makes record profits. Hey are investing in s company with record growth. That is not Apple…. right now.

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