1. “Apple has hired one of the top US researchers in virtual reality, as it looks to catch up to Facebook, Alphabet, Microsoft and Samsung”

      I see you have fallen for the negative jibe at Apple.

      Apple have had VR patents going back well over 10 years that I can remember. No one has a clue what apple has cooking in their labs Just because they haven’t shown anything, everyone automatically assumes they are behind. Apple engineers could be laughing their asses off every time they see Oculus, Hololens and others being demonstrated.
      That demo of building a 3D model of a drone in Hololens and sending the model of to manufacturing was pure bullshit.
      Then again Apple engineers could be quaking in their boots.
      We just don’t know.

      1. Exactly, surely people by now realise that unlike others who spend more time boasting about the imaginary world’s their proposed and hyped technology is taking us, Apple does its work in silence and secret until it has something to launch that gives us that future today. After all I’m still waiting for the stunning interactive world that Microsoft promised us for its X Box Kinect artificial intelligence years ago, and remind me what happened to Google Glass after it’s marketing hype became little more than a joke and the limited practicalities became clear to all. I don’t expect Hololens to have any great effect on our lives anytime soon either, outside of at best, some very specialist applications rather like the Surface big ass table that started all this clamour for specious futures in the first place.

      1. Your’e right, a patent was filed in 2008, but they must have been working on it before that.

        Furthermore, was the top guy in VR research lured to a company barely in the starting blocks, or was he lured to a company who had been working on VR since before 2008 when the patent was applied for, where he saw much more exciting tech and opportunities.
        It could be just a massive paycheque though.

        I’m more inclined to bet on the second scenario.

        The point is, Apple has been working on VR tech much longer than the media are reporting and are much further along than everyone thinks.

  1. VR headsets continue to either have pushed back released dates, and/or receive less than enthusiastic reviews. IMHO we’re still, after literally decades (seriously) of waiting, in the ‘Gee Whiz’ stage where hype hides mediocrity.

    Apple has some VR related patents. It will be interesting to see if Apple can do VR right while everyone else keeps attempting to perfect it.

      1. I saw Timothy Leary speak around that time frame and assumed he was going to talk about his LSD tests/adventures, but instead he blabbed about the promise of VR for several hours. He was convinced it was the next big thing. Twenty-five years later and it’s still niche.

        Hopefully, the current engineers can bring something new to the table besides better resolution and reduced lag.

        1. The MS HoloLens demos I’ve seen have sucked. (BTW: Holography has nothing to do with HoloLens. Brilliant MS, as usual). I’m told there are some Oculus Rift demos that are actually good and don’t make you ill. But I have yet to see them.

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