Apple Watch to get watchOS update, new bands in mid-March; full redesign in fall

“In addition to launching a new 4-inch iPhone likely called the ‘iPhone 5se,’ Apple plans to announce new Apple Watch models in March. The new lineup will be similar to the September 2015 Apple Watch revision, bringing a series of new band color options to the Apple Watch lineup,” Mark Gurman reports for 9to5Mac. “We are also told that entirely new bands made out of new materials are in development in addition to partnerships with firms beyond Hermes.”

“The March Apple Watch update is unlikely to include new hardware functionality,” Gurman reports, “but Apple is said to be preparing to formally release the WatchOS 2.2 update, which went into the developer beta stage earlier this month, alongside the new variations.”

Gurman reports, “We are told that a full second-generation redesign of the Apple Watch is scheduled to ship in the fall and is currently tracking a September announcement.”

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MacDailyNews Take: iPhone 5se? If that’s truly the name: Yuck! Mercedes’ convoluted naming “system” is not something to emulate, Apple.

As for the Watch, while we’ve love to see Apple Smartbands (delivering things like standalone GPS capability), we’re not holding our breath. As is, Apple Watch is plenty useful enough to last us until Apple Watch 2, but any updates and improvements, however minor, will certainly be welcome in March.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Bill” for the heads up.]


  1. They should use bands to upgrade the watch in between years. So that instead of buying a new watch every year, buy a band that allows FaceTime. Then the new watch incorporates the new functions from the bands.

  2. I’d be happy with the Apple watch photo viewfinder app working consistently. Every time I try to show someone this feature now it embarassingly stutters while trying to connect, just terrible.

  3. I agree with those asking for Apple to just sort out the current functionality. For example, when I slide to see an incoming text from someone, I first see 3 texts frozen in time from last fall as if they were in the conversation, and then the current text. And I used to enjoy seeing what my next turn was when navigating; now I just get taps, with no instructions onscreen anymore.

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