Analysts’ Apple Watch unit sales estimates are all over the map

“Tim Cook hasn’t done Wall Street any favors by holding quarterly Apple Watch sales numbers so close to his chest,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune.

“Apple’s CEO has explained several times that he’s not announcing them in order to keep his competitors in the dark,” P.E.D. reports. “But as a result he’s also kept Apple analysts in the dark, and the effect is apparent in [their estimates].”

“Left to their own devices,” P.E.D. reports, “the 26 analysts I’ve heard from so far—16 Wall Street professionals (in blue) and 10 independents (in green)—have submitted estimates for last quarter’s sales with a range greater than I’ve ever seen for an Apple product: from a low of 3.1 million to a high 10.5 million.”

Apple's newest Apple Watch Sport models
Apple Watch Sport models

Read more and see the full list of analysts’ Apple Watch estimates in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Anecdotally, we know of several Apple Watches that friends and family received and gave as Christmas presents, plus we’re seeing Apple Watches out in public on some wrists besides our own now!

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  1. It is not Apple’s, or Tim Cook’s job to work for Wall Street. If Apple believes that the exact number of watches being sold is proprietary information, and that its disclosure would be beneficial to competitors, then it is Cook’s responsibility to protect Apple and its shareholders – not make life easier for the assholes who call themselves analysts.

    One more thing, Apple’s chief competitor in the mobile market – Samsung – discloses NONE of its sales (or, in its case, shipments). Not smartphones. Not tablets. Not watches. But I don’t hear the analysts complaining about that. Perhaps that’s because it allows them to make up what are often totally delusional numbers for Samsung in their efforts to hammer Apple…

    1. I guess Apple and Samsung are more alike than different, with respect to transparency, that is. Still, if some people wish to report “delusional” numbers, so be it. Your guess is as good as mine or that of anyone else. If markets are driven by “delusional” thinking then why would anyone want to invest in companies that wish to hide the truth? Lies, rumors, speculation, and secrecy only make the market more volatile.

  2. In my opinion, apple’s approach is a great way to identify the better analysts – the ones that doe not need to be spoon-fed data that they then regurgitate as their own innate wisdom and insight that should guide your investment strategies. Once upon a time, analysts had to work at their craft. But far too many people who call themselves analysts nowadays appear to be lazy charlatans who are, at best, repackaging ideas and information from others who are more competent and, at worst, publishing speculation and fabricated estimates to make it look like they are doing meaningful work.

    When your job is to predict and estimate, shouldn’t you be held accountable for your skill and accuracy? I think so…

  3. As a shareholder, Apple’s management team DOES work for me.

    So no matter how much we hate the Wall Street casino, that’s the market. Apple managers are NOT looking out for Apple investors when they allow BS talking heads to spread misinformation. It is Apple’s fiduciary duty to set the record straight. Sales information is the simplest way to do this — it is about as non-political as one can get.

    So stop giving Apple a free pass on this. Secrecy is great for new product development, but it is NOT ACCEPTABLE to treat investors this way. This is just one more reason that large institutional investors are wary of Apple — because Apple gives shitty guidance.

    1. @Mike. Apple announced six months BEFORE the first Apple Watch ever shipped that they would not now (nor probably ever) be breaking out Watch sales, so if that policy were so repugnant, you could have bailed out of the stock at that time. Apple plays the LONG game in most of its products and has its good reasons for not blabbing (reporting) its sales’ numbers. If you want consolation, take heart in the fact that the most recent survey reports state that Apple managed to sale 50% of the total of all Christmas wearables whereas ALL of Android only accounted for 10%. Additionally, Apple WILL report sales of Watch indirectly, included under its “Other” category. Therefore, analysts can glean a lot of “color” (as they say), by comparing that $ number compared to prior periods.

      I wouldn’t worry too much about Apple’s future. Those of us who own and enjoy Watch (and talk to others about it (e.g. Wristly Survey results), know that Watch will be a HUGE hit over the next couple of years, locking in folks to iOS even more.

  4. The reason why Apple haven’t published sales figures for the Apple Watch is simple….figures have been bad! Why do you think they publish figures for the iPhone or iPad?
    Eat humble pie Apple 🙂

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