What to expect from Apple’s iPad Pro 2

“In late 2015, Apple introduced its very first very large screen tablet — the iPad Pro,” Ashraf Eassa writes for The Motley Fool. “I think many will agree upon is that it represents the state of the art in terms of tablet technology.”

“However, today’s technological marvels are tomorrow’s landfill material as technology progresses on,” Eassa writes. “I’d like to offer up three predictions for Apple’s next-generation iPad Pro, which will likely be dubbed the iPad Pro 2.”

“Although it is widely believed that the upcoming A10 processor that will power Apple’s iPhone 7/7 Plus will be built on Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing’s 16-nanometer FinFET Plus manufacturing process,” Eassa writes, “I believe that there is a reasonable chance that the A10X will be built on a next generation 10-nanometer process.”

“A report recently surfaced claiming that Apple is working on building a ‘scalable’ version of its 3D Touch technology that could be applied to both small display and large display devices alike,” Eassa writes. “The report claims that this technology will debut in the iPhone following iPhone 7, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it made its first appearance in the iPad Pro 2/iPad Air 4.”

Eassa writes, “Wide I/O 2 [a type of 3D stacked DRAM] might be an excellent choice for the iPad Pro 2, particularly if Apple aims to make the device thinner and lighter than the current iteration, as a result of these technology advantages.”

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MacDailyNews Take: 3D Touch is currently our most-missed feature on iPad.


  1. MDN & all, what do you use 3D Touch for so much that you miss it on other devices?

    I find it flaky on the keyboard of the 6S for moving around the cursor (or more likely I’m flaky, as I suspect it’s following some rule about when to go-to-cursor that I just haven’t figured out yet).

    Sometimes I press on the far left edge of the screen to get to all my open apps, but this too is semi-hit or miss. (And honestly, if it doesn’t work even one time in 5 I find the negative feedback of it not happening enough to convince me each time I want to multi-task that it’s not worth the pain of trying-and-failing; I’d rather double-tap the home button.)

    The live photos are fun, but again they are low enough frame rate that they’re usually all jiggly and kind of not worth it (though the occasional shot is a great success). Consider also that editing the photo nixes the live photo, and I edit EVERY photo I love because it makes them even more beautiful.

    So what’s so great about 3D Touch? (A completely honest question. Convert me!)

  2. Hopefully there will be more apps optimized for the iPad Pro’s screen by the time the next model comes out. Holding fast on my rule not to buy any first generation product and it’s been hard.

  3. Doubt 3D Touch will make it to iPad Pro anytime soon. Unlike Apple’s other tablets, it already has an extra sensor later built in to handle stylus input. 3D Touch on top of that seems a bit stretch.

  4. I really liked the pencil when I tried it out in the store but I must say that Apple missed a trick when it chose not to put an erasor on the other end of the pencil – its just such a natural action to do with a pencil. Perhaps Griffin will release a replacement top cover for the Lightning connector if Apple doesn’t.

  5. Well, 3d touch is a nice toy, but I can live wirhout it. What I need is a non phisical home button that is able to make multitasking without clicking twice!

  6. Love mine. I’ve dreamed of the Pencil/large screen combo since I bought the original iPad. I’m an artist and musician and 3D Touch has great potential for music apps. Check out Noise 5D from ROLI iPhone 6s/Plus.

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