Juniper: Apple Watch has already cornered the smartwatch market

“Cupertino-based Apple has already cornered the market for smartwatches, according to new research on Tuesday,” Matt Clinch reports for CNBC.

“Apple claimed 52 percent of global smartwatch shipments in 2015, according to a new report by research firm Juniper,” Clinch reports. “‘Its popularity far eclipsed that of rival vendors, with (Samsung) Android Wear shipments comprising less than 10 percent of sales for the year,’ the research said. ‘Most other smartwatch sales are currently coming from cheaper, simpler devices from a range of smaller players, such as Martian, X and Razer, the latter with the recently-announced Nabu Watch.’ Market intelligence firm IDC has similar findings on market share, suggesting Apple has over 50 percent of sales with the Pebble smartwatch in second place with just 8 percent.”

Apple's newest Apple Watch Sport models
Apple Watch Sport models

“Francisco Jeronimo, research director for European mobile devices at IDC, told CNBC by phone that Apple’s promotional push meant that it was hardly surprising that it was dominating,” Clinch reports. “Jeronimo, like other analysts, is still unsure on a sector that he says is yet to define what its real value proposition is. However, over the longer term he believes services like Apple Pay could garner more interest for the devices and offer a genuine reason to buy a smartwatch.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yup. As we wrote of Apple Watch over a year ago:

Apple Pay alone will sell the device. — MacDailyNews, December 30, 2014

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    1. Actually, there just isn’t enough time to train the cashiers who respond to “Do you take Pay?” with “Do you mean that swipe thingy?”. I make shopping choices based on the availability of Pay, but the level of training of the retail staff is disappointing.

      1. Indeed that’s the problem and will take time to resolve as it’s mostly outside of Apples control. If people with the phones and watches don’t know how to use it then maybe we are over estimating the intelligence of the average Apple customer. Perhaps an Apple Pay for dummies is the answer.

        1. You’re right. I agree that a simple Pay ‘How To’ would be very helpful. It’s not supplied in the box yet.

          I’m pretty intelligent, used Macs since 1990, have an iPhone 6, Watch etc., with a Santander card linked to Pay but I’ve never seen anyone use it and I don’t know how to use it myself.

          The truth is, it’s a bit frightening for a novice without any guidance. What happens if I muck it up and get double charged in Wetherspoons — or if it doesn’t work at all? Will I feel like a right red-faced tit, holding up the queue in Morrisons? And the kid behind the bar/checkout doesn’t know how it works.

          See what I mean? For a newbie Pay beginner, it’s sheer guesswork and fear of failure. ‘It just works’ doesn’t apply. Ease of use? “Nah, no idea mate”.

          If someone like me is afraid to use it then it’s my guess that others are too.

          Ask at the bank? Ha! Embarrassment factor 5,000. No. I’ll just wait until someone I trust shows me how it’s done, thank you very much.

  1. I’m not sure I’d use the term “cornered” as that implies control over the market as opposed to simply having the highest market share.

    Apple has the highest market share, but they don’t control it. Apple will have to continue to develop and grow the Apple Watch at a rate consistently better than the competition in order to maintain their market share. Even then, Apple may lose market share, while maintaining profit share (which is more important) as the market opens up to more vendors.

  2. I’m not sure any other company has the wherewithal to develop a legitimate competitor to the WATCH since there’s almost a year lead in the marketplace already. When WATCH 2 ships, I imagine WATCH 1 may continue to ship at a $100 lower list price. I wonder how much the Best Buy Holiday sale at that price accelerated the pace of sales.⁉️

  3. I love Apple Pay. However, since I got my iPhone 6S I’ve been able to use it exactly twice. Twice. Once at a Rite-Aid (which is not my normal pharmacy – popped in because I needed some mosquito repellent while working nearby) and once at PetSmart (which I never have occasion to go to, but was walking by and got an Xmas treat for a friend’s dog).

    I mention the minutiae here because it expresses that I simply am not encountering merchants that take it in my everyday life. Lord knows I’ve tried at Home Depot, CVS, WalMart etc. but no joy, alas. And it’s not like are conveniently located alternatives to these stores in my location.

    Here’s a suggestion for an MDN original article (if you haven’t done it already). Create a list of email addresses for major retailers where we can all send requests that their company start accepting Apple Pay….

  4. Just like the iPhone, everyone’s need for the Apple Watch is different, sometimes very different, from other users. Give people power and flexibility, they’ll figure out what they need it for.

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