The Pen Addict reviews Apple Pencil: Astounding, thoroughly impressive

“One of the many things that have prevented people from being able to ditch their favourite notebook for an iPad and stylus is palm rejection,” Myke Hurley writes for The Pen Addict. “Many apps have tried to build their own implementations of this, with varying success, but it has always been an issue as the majority of previous styluses are just trying to fool iOS that they are fingers.”

“The Apple Pencil works differently. Because of a combination of Bluetooth and the fact that Apple designed the Pencil and the iPad Pro to work in conjunction with each other, the iPad Pro is able to accurately distinguish the difference between the Pencil tip and any touch input,” Hurley writes. “I have been astounded by just how well this works. I can have my arm, wrist, and other hand on the screen, and the iPad Pro can distinguish the movement of the Pencil over the movement of anything else. I am thoroughly impressed by this.”

“Using the Apple Pencil in Notes is the closest I have ever come to getting a true handwriting experience from a digital device,” Hurley writes. “What I was looking for from the Apple Pencil was to be able to write naturally on the screen, in the size I usually write, and it visually match what I would expect to see. And it does.”

“The work Apple has done to get the hardware and software in harmony to the point where this all works so flawlessly is astounding to me. The results I am able to achieve are just fantastic,” Hurley writes. “I have always been a pen guy. But now I’m a Pencil guy too.”

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  1. I’m terribly impressed with how mine went from delivering on the 13th, to the 20th, to the 30th, to back ordered shipping in 1 to 2 weeks.

    I bet it’s actually an interesting story. Clearly they ran into something that could not be anticipated.

  2. I’ve been using tablet styluses since the 1990s, beginning with the Apple Newton (great device!), and have gone through the Pocket PC and Windows Tablet eras of over a decade ago. I can say without hesitation that this Apple Pencil is leaps and bounds more powerful than these earlier input devices. This is the first pen ever developed that does truly mimic analog drawing and writing, it’s just amazing.

  3. The author hits the nail on the head. People do not write with their hand suspended above the paper; nor do artist draw and paint this way for the most part. The ability to rest the palm comfortably on the screen while writing or drawing is absolutely crucial. If the Apple Pencil truly makes this possible, it will be wildly successful—especially with visual artists.

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