Why the Apple Watch will have a huge holiday shopping season

“Want an Apple Watch for Christmas? You’re not alone,” Emily Stewart reports for TheStreet. “That’s why Apple will win the holiday season, starting with Black Friday.”

“The tech giant heads into the holiday shopping season with a lineup that, according to a note from Drexel Hamilton analyst Brian White, will be ‘tough to beat,” Stewart reports. “The Apple Watch, on the market since April, is poised to fare especially well and will likely be under more than one Christmas tree come December.”

“White points to IBM’s just released Watson Trend app as proof that the Apple Watch will be a hit Black Friday and beyond. The app, which scours the internet to discover product trends and decipher consumer purchasing decisions, gives the device the top trend score of 100, on a scale of 0-100,” Stewart reports. “‘We have previously voiced our view that the Apple Watch will be a big hit this holiday season and data from the IBM Watson Trend App is supportive of our opinion,’ White wrote. ‘We believe this holiday could be the inflection point for the Apple Watch, driving an acceleration in the adoption rates in 2016 and beyond.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple Watch becomes even more valuable when your family, friends, and co-workers have them, too!


  1. Interesting that despite what indicators there are that can be properly assessed, saying that the watch is doing decent, good to even very good in sales in the market place, you still get the odd joker on here trying to convince the world it’s a dud as if by saying it makes it true. Amusing if nothing else.

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