Samsung woos investors with promises of future innovations that Apple already ships

“Last week the Samsung’s 2015 Investors Forum allowed executives from the South Korean company to show off the technology it will be using in the next-generation mobile devices and smartphones,” Ewan Spence writes for Forbes. “Anyone following the smartphone and mobile world that Samsung is working on will look at these ideas and see echoes of innovations from other mobile companies, especially Apple.”

“Take the idea of a bio-processor” Spence writes. “This would be an integrated system-on-chip that would bring in hardware solutions to track health data through a web of sensors on a device. That would echo Apple’s motion co-processor solution in its current M9 chip.”

“Sales of Samsung’s flagship handsets have been flat over the last year, with growth coming from mid-range handsets,” Spence writes. “That lessens the South Korean company’s ability to be seen as a trend-setter, and without that perception the value of the mid-range handsets will drop. Those handsets will then have to fight even harder on price rather than perception, making it harder for Samsung to bring in any significant profit from the smartphone ecosystem.”

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MacDailyNews Take: For how much longer will Samsung waste energy and time peddling iPhone knockoffs and return their attention to hawking flimsily-made dishwashers and inferior excavators?

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  1. Looks like samsung is more efficient than Microsoft, it is shrinking the company faster than microsoft under Steve Ballmer did.
    Poor bastards who believe in sansung and think everything they do is innovation.
    Remember that old slogan from apple? “Want the pc of the future, buy an Macintosh today”

  2. Samsung’s pride is likely to be it’s downfall. Samsung feel a compulsion to create an illusion that they are the biggest, best, first, fastest, and most innovative, irrespective of what the facts might be.

    Apple makes a hell of a lot of money from selling iPhones and they are able to spend huge sums of money to develop leading edge technologies and concepts. Samsung simply doesn’t have enough money to spend on that sort of research and instead has to settle for being a fast follower, trying to copy great ideas developed by Apple ( and other manufacturers too ).

    With decreasing revenues from their high end phone, they don’t generate enough profit to properly get a return on their research investment, but Samsung’s pride will not allow them to stop trying. As a result their profit margins are shrinking and their mobile business is now diminished. They have had to lay off thousands of employees in the last year and it’s expected that there will be a significant reduction in executive posts shortly.

    Apple keeps setting up targets that Samsung can’t resist trying to aim for, but time after time, they fail and waste money trying. Samsung is eating itself from the inside.

    Samsung has tried everything. There is always another excuse when they fail. Recently they decided to bring out their flagship phone just before Apple launched the new iPhones, so as to get the maximum opportunity to sell them before the iPhone was everywhere, but that didn’t work out too well for them either.

    Now the financial chickens are coming home to roost and they are starting to realise that profits need to be made and sustained if the company is to continue. It remains to be seen if they have left it too late and wasted too much money, but more significantly it remains to be seen if they have found a way to make ongoing and worthwhile profits.

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