Apple Pay expected to launch in Canada on Tuesday with iOS 9.2

“Apple Pay may land in a third country as soon as Tuesday,” Lance Whitney reports for CNET.

“Customer service representatives from American Express, which is partnering with Apple for the new launch, told blog site iPhone in Canada that the service is scheduled to take off there Tuesday,” Whitney reports. “In October, Apple CEO Tim Cook said Apple Pay would become available to American Express customers in Canada and Australia later this year.”

Whitney reports, “Apple Pay debuted in the US last fall as the company’s first effort at contactless mobile payments.”

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Gary Ng reports for iPhone in Canada, “According to American Express, the service is set to launch this Tuesday, November 17, 2015. Customer service representatives we spoke with confirmed the date over the phone numerous times.”

“The date would presumably be when the final release of iOS 9.2 will be out to support Apple Pay,” Ng reports. “The third beta of iOS 9.2 was released last Tuesday, November 10.”

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  1. AMEX is a good first start, but the major Canadian banks (RBC, TD, CIBC et al) still want Apple to hand over customer details during transaction for marketing purposes, rather than this tokenized/anonymised crap that is Apple Pay (in their minds). That’s why they are dragging their heels. I don’t do AMEX but keep this up, banks, and you won’t be long for the market.

    1. I have written to the Royal Bank of Canada three times and have been told that it is not the bank that is holding it up but it is Apple who is being greedy.

      Let’s think about this now. Apple got well over 500 US banks to gladly sign up and a bunch in the UK. They must have seen the advantages to them but now the Canadian banks think that the same deal isn’t good enough for them? I told RBC that the first bank that offers Apple Pay will get all my savings, my mortgage, my trading accounts and as many of my friends, colleagues and relatives as I can convince to move. I hate the greed that the banks are showing and trying to blame it on Apple.

  2. Nearly every place that takes Amex in Canada already accepts ApplePay. I don’t see how this is different. LCBO, Tim Horton’s, Pizza Nova, Wahlburgers, clothing stores, to name a few, have all taken it without trouble. Now if they add the Beer Store…

  3. (1) Apple being greedy and holding up the Canada rollout themselves, Apple, Greedy, oh no, not the company that charges a 75% markup on everything, then stops updating the iPad Air 2, even though it’s one of the biggest selling tablets in the world (9.7″), then wonders why no one upgrades their ipad, ever!
    (2) And only Amex supported, the least used credit card in Canada with the highest fee’s for the merchant to the point it is the least accepted credit card at Canadian retailers.

    Wow, great plan, over a year later Apple.

    As a Canadaian who used visa & m/c (like almost everyone else in the country), I really hope it completely fails here till Apple stops living in the iPhone/Jobs heyday era where they could charge whatever they want for whatever they want. Maybe retailers and customers here will FINALLY be charged reasonable prices for Apple products here, we might actually want to upgrade our iPads then.

    A pipe dream until this ceo runs the company into the ground like skully…which he’s well on his way to proving he’s slowly but surely doing.

    The world economy is constantly getting worse and worse, so Apple keeps raising then raising prices even though they already have the highest margins in the world.

    Apples entire board of directors, including cook. Morons.
    Enjoy the continuos, slowly growing failure.

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