Mac users forced to reinstall software after App Store DRM glitch

“A security bug on Mac computers is forcing some Apple users to delete and reinstall software they’ve downloaded from the App Store,” James Vincent reports for The Verge.

“First spotted by developer Paul Haddad, the problem seems to be caused by an expired security certificate used by Apple to verify apps,” Vincent reports. “The iPhone-maker has since issued a new certificate (with an expiry date of April 2035, according to The Guardian), but this hasn’t completely fixed the problem.”

“While some people have fixed the problem by simply disconnecting and reconnecting to the Mac App Store,” Vincent reports, “others say the only reliable solution is to reinstall all of the affected apps.”

More info and links in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Anyone affected? If so, how did you fix the issue, if you did fix the issue?


    1. ≠ if CEO=””

      He is embarrassing and by the way also ruins the quality of our Macs and iPhones.

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    1. English. Its is called English. Its a language for humans and words often are used in ways more general than their literal meanings.

      But, if you are a machine or illiterate it can be confusing.

    2. It is worth than torture… I have been struggling to authenticate with iCloud and I believe it is related to this issue. my high-end iMac and iPhone cannot authenticate where my iPad works fine. Apple support (I have been through 4 different so called expert) have been working on this problem for over 1 months without a solution.

      If your files are tied up in iCloud and you cannot access them, if your photo album is hidden in the cloud, if you cannot updated apps to name a few then that is torture.

      The support staff suggested that I should webbed iclouod and to download my files so I can work with them locally. Seriously that is their solution for me even though I have more than 150GB of files on iCloud. Yes I agree that was stupid of me to trust Apple iCloud. PS. Did I mention I am still getting charged very month for my iCloud use that I am not able to use?

      I am not fan of click whore news but this one is so true…

    3. “Forced” versus “inconvenienced”

      This hit me yesterday. I must have been one of the early ones getting hit because the first thing I did was check forums and blogs for any reports and didn’t find anything.

      I was finishing up a project for our biggest client. BBEdit said that “it was corrupt” and needed to be reinstalled. I deleted it, and the App Store wouldn’t let me reinstall it. I ended up having to make the choice of the risk of losing a client that my company depends on or going to the BBEdit developer’s site and buying/installing the app from there. I chose the latter ($30, no big deal, but still).

      Then, more apps that I needed popped up the same message. So at this point, since no other reports were given, I figured there might be corruption on my drive, so that meant a delay as I ran diagnostics, and then went through and reinstalled the apps I needed.

      TL;DR: Use whatever word you want; it wasn’t fun for me.

  1. I had a minor oddity about six hours ago where upon opening a frequently used game, it put up a dialogue box saying that it had previously been downloaded t a different Mac ( which was incorrect ) and that we should enter the Apple ID for that account.

    I wasn’t sure if it was something connected with this DRM problem, something else, or simply nothing to worry about.

    1. Entering my Apple ID fixes the problem. However, I’ve also needed to redownload a few apps that have suddenly become “damaged.” Annoying…, but tolerable. Nonetheless, this should fixed ASAP,

  2. My 5K iMac today requested iCloud login when opening a Mac App Store app. Something that never happened before. Some apps work (e.g. 1password), some say something about damage and request reinstall (e.g. Text Expander).

  3. iOS 9.1 update on both iPhone and iPad have thrown up a notification in Settings, which seems only to be remedied by running the update again. Three times on the iPad,success and at least 6 on iPhone, just going to live with it on the iPhone, things seem to work ok so I don’t have the time to go on the phone with Support. Every iteration of iOS since iOS 7 has fixed issues but brought some with them.

  4. Ahhhh so this explains it…

    I went to go use an application today that I haven’t used in a while and it told me I needed to delete it and redownload it. I thought it was odd but didn’t think twice about it.

    So yes, inconvenienced but not tied down and forced, lol.

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