Video: Apple Pencil for iPad Pro vs. Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 stylus

“This year Apple took the iPad concept one step further and announced the iPad Pro: a large 12.9-inch tablet running iOS, equipped with a stylus called the Apple Pencil,” Mihai Matei reports for G For Games.

“Apple also touted the Pencil as a ‘highly responsive’ input method with ‘virtually no lag,’ which is something any digital stylus user craves,” Matei reports. “But how does the Pencil compare with the Surface Pro 4’s stylus?”

Matei reports, “Journalist and photographer Angel Jimenez de Luis recently uploaded a couple of YouTube videos comparing the Surface Pro 4 stylus with the iPad Pro Pencil side-by-side, in a close-up @120 FPS slow-motion competition.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Keep in mind that these are slo-mo videos, actual speed is 4X faster (at the end of the video, the speed of the Apple Pencil on iPad Pro is shown in real-time). By all accounts, the iPad Pro with Apple Pencil is extremely responsive and there is a lot of technology behind-the-scenes that allows for the Apple Pencil’s remarkable performance.

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  1. The Apple pencil looked smother and more precise. It actually looks like you are writing with #2 lead. For art you need subtle transitions and all that, instead of trying to fight with beastly tech. Microsoft’s stylus seems too digital for my taste.

  2. This is a very big contention for me with buying the iPad Pro. In fact its 90% of the reason I would buy it. Yesterday I went into both Apple store and Microsoft store to try out both iPad Pro and Surface Pro 4. I found very few differences when it comes to lag. They both had pretty adequate response time….the Surface might of been a hair slower. What I did find more unusual was that its not up to the hardware to determine how good the response time is….it is all up to the software. At the end of the day it is going to hinge on what product has the better built apps. In iPad Notes I found great response time, but in another drawing program the lag time seemed to be almost double. Which told me its up to the developers. Apple has built a great product, but in order for me to want this thing it will depend on whether the developers build for it.

  3. Had a go of an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil today in the Apple Store Liverpool.

    Ordered one online when I got home, with Pencil. The thing is off the charts crazy good and I was blown away by the Pencil. Beautiful piece of design.

    The keyboard is OK, but I’ll just pair it with a Magic Keyboard instead.

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