Analyst: Apple’s iPad Pro and its powerful A9X CPU pose threat to Intel

“Investment firm Cowen and Company has a bullish outlook for Apple’s new iPad Pro, citing performance benchmarks that show the device is capable of replacing many mainstream laptops running an Intel processor,” Blair MacGregor reports for AppleInsider. “In a note to investors on Thursday, a copy of which was provided to AppleInsider, analyst Timothy Arcuri noted that new iPad Pro’s A9X chip offers performance that surpasses the Intel Core M processor used in the new 12-inch MacBook. The CPU also compares favorably to the Core i5 processor used in the baseline Macbook Air.”

“A look at the GPU shows a similar story: The A9X outperformed all Apple laptops that use integrated Intel graphics, registering a three-to-four-times improvement in frame rate of the 12-inch MacBook with Retina display,” MacGregor reports. “The iPad Pro processor also posted an improvement of as much as 40 percent over the Intel Iris 5200 integrated graphics featured on the 15-inch MacBook Pro.”

While the iPad Pro is not a PC replacement yet, AAPL and ARM are coming and the hardware is certainly a threat to INTC mobile CPU business once the software developers catch up. — Cowen & Co . analyst Timothy Arcuri

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MacDailyNews Take: Welcome to personal computing’s latest inflection point!

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    1. This what I told 2-3 years ago. We will have another transition In near future. I think that future Mac Pro 8,1 will have 4/6/8 A10X / A11X processors. They are cheaper, more powerfull, more energy efficient per core than Intel i7 / Xeon chips.

      Mac could be finaly more affordable for masses. “Excellence for everyone” should be Apple’s mantra for next 10-20 years. Apple must be in reach of every middle income family / students / young people. This is the way to set up new standards without premium price. New 1000 workpower facilities in Ireland and cheap energy from ocean waves may the part of broader plan.

      The last part of this puzzle may be SWIFT. Wouldnt be nice if x86 code may translated for Apple processors in a snap – just like that.

      1. Here’s an possible suggestion for you. (Google them – you’ll see I’m not sending you to Nigeria for some princely money :P).

        These guys are awesome for “fractional buying” of stocks (don’t know the technical term).

        You can set it up so that, every month, you buy AAPL. Doesn’t matter if you can only afford $5/month. I mean, you’d only get approximately 0.04 shares ($5) every month which is almost nothing, but at least you’re buying.

        Then when you can afford more, just bump the amount up monthly.

        Set it and forget it. It’s really that easy and great for poor folks like us that just want a small taste.

      1. lol nice comeback, I kind of set myself up for that one.

        I have an iPad, I think they are great for some things.
        For me they are not likely to make a good replacement for a full blown ‘truck’ style computer.

  1. First thing I noticed is size. It’s big.

    2nd thing, speed. Very zippy.

    3rd thing, the screen is so big, that I keep looking for buttons I’m supposed to click during setup, and they are so far down I don’t see them. Gotta get used to that.

    4th, No matter what I do I can only just barely hear the key click noises. We should be able to control the volume of that specifically.

    5th, Sound is fantastic, in videos. Relative to previous iPads and iPhones.

    6th, I can’t tell the difference in weight with my iPad Air 2.

    7th, MDN blasted out to the screen without hesitating like it normally does, but I’ve been noticing a steady improvement in MDN speed for some time now. Even with ads.

    8th, Did I mention the speed?

    9th, WiFi speed test ( app) is about 110Mb/s with my crappy Time Warner modem, where as I can only get about 75Mb/s with my iPad Air 2. I need to replace my Airport that I gave away in an emergency.

    10th, Does not fingerprint ID as fast as iPhone 6s Plus.

    11th, This is going to be great for over 40 year old eyes.

    I’m a heavy iPad user. I love this thing.

  2. A recent conversation between an Intel (Mr. Smith) and Apple (Mr. Jones) executive heard somewhere on the West Coast.

    Hey Mr. Smith, we’d like a better deal on those Intel chips we are putting in our Macs.

    Why Mr. Jones, we can’t do that and we will not do that. We can sell all the chips we make to companies making Windows machines, so why would we give you a good deal.

    Well, Mr. Smith actually you can’t sell that many chips to companies making Windows machines because that market is swirling around the toilet bowl. Also, let me show you a little something on my MacBook Air here. It is MacOS running on a A9 chip set. We’ve been running the last two versions of MacOS on both Intel and the A-series chips, just like we did when we switched to your chips from the PowerPC series years ago. So about that better deal on Intel chips.

    To which Mr. Smith responses: “Oh shit”

  3. I think that future Mac Pro 8,1 will have 4/6/8 A10X / A11X processors. They are cheaper, more powerfull, more energy efficient per core than Intel i7 / Xeon chips….
    How do you know? They are MORE powerful? And they have NEVER been tested. They don’t exist yet! But this is just what I would like to see… BETTER THAN Intel. But that’s asking a lot.
    I still want a DOUBLE SCREEN Pro I-Pad !!
    Top screen would be used as usual, But, the BOTTOM screen could be a keyboard, AND it could ALSO be used as an editing controller, a pro sound controller, an artist’s color paint palette mixer, and MANY OTHER things that developers could come up with. THIS is what I want, not the “pro” I-Pad. You let me know when Apple can do better than an i7 quad core, and has a DOUBLE screen. I’m ready to buy right NOW !!!!! And for twice the price of the “pro” I-Pad.

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