Computerworld reviews Apple’s iPad Pro: It’s a laptop! It’s a tablet!

“What is clear about the 12.9-in. Retina screen on the iPad Pro is that it’s the best-looking tablet screen I’ve ever seen. It makes you want to use it, even if you’re just surfing the Web, checking email, tracking storms on radar or skimming through photos,” Ken Mingis writes for Computerworld. “If you’re keeping tabs, the iPad Pro display has 5.6 million pixels, 78% more than the 7.9-in. iPad Air 2. And the iPad Air 2 is no slouch when it comes to beautiful displays.”

“For many buyers, picking which iPad Pro you want is just the start. What sets it apart from its predecessors are the new ‘Smart Keyboard’ and the stylus — which Apple calls the Pencil. Without them, the iPad Pro is just a tablet. But with those two accessories, it becomes more of a true hybrid, two-in-one device,” Mingis writes. “I’d like to tell you how well the Smart Keyboard and Pencil work, but I can’t. Although the iPad Pro was available yesterday if you ordered online early and opted for pick-up at the closest Apple Store, neither accessory was in stock. Buyers will be waiting about three weeks for both to arrive, according to the shipping times offered on the Apple online store.”

MacDailyNews Take: We’re shaking our heads. Please see:
Apple’s joyless iPad Pro launch: WTF are the Apple Pencils and Smart Keyboards? (4-5 weeks away)

“The iPad Pro is a breakthrough device. But I’m not yet sure what it’s breaking through. It’s the biggest, baddest, bestest iPad ever. So if you just want the ultimate iPad — that’s pretty much me — you’ll be happy. If you’re looking to replace a laptop, however, the question of whether you should buy it is murkier,” Mingis writes. “That’s in part because of the hardware, and in part because of the operating system.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Not making enough Pencils and Keyboard to have ready to sell at iPad Pro’s launch is simply inexplicable. “Why did this happen?” would be an interesting question for someone to pose at Apple’s Annual Shareholders’ Meeting.


    1. Yup, applies to Microsoft. A Toaster, Fridge, Sink and a free Buggy Whip thrown in. The whip was next to nothing in cost and was added to please the value added individuals or IT purchasing cheapskates.

  1. Oh MDN. Stop with your consistent whining. Seriously your repeated complaints sound the typical “first world” complaining that would irk anyone from the outside looking in. Are you seriously going to raise an inferno rage about a product that has hit delayed shipping? Do slight inconveniences bother you that much? Relax. Apple will be fine. Steve Jobs once said, “We’re just people.” Plenty of “inconveniences occurred under the Jobs regime. And plenty of more will happen in the future.

    My advice: Get over it. Enjoy Apple and it’s beautiful products.

    1. Because it is first world, there should be no excuses to not having the pencil and cover ready.

      There are techniques and processes in place so this kind of BS should never have happened. It’s not like Apple is a startup and just getting started.

      Jobs would have fired the idiot that screwed this launch up. Meaning, Cook.

      1. I disagree. Stop romanticizing the Jobs era. He made a slew of mistakes and insisted on products being made in the U.S. He was oblivious to manufacturing logistics and hence, he brought in Cook to fix it. Do you want to talk slip ups? Just look back and you will see.

    1. Agreed. The iPad Pro is currently the best tablet money can buy, but it’s not the best laptop because to be the best laptop it would need to run OSX. What’s infuriating is it could have been the best laptop as well but Apple choose not to, presumably because a perfect iPad/MacBook hybrid would have cannibalised the MacBook market. Only Apple could (and probably already has in its lab) make/made the perfect hybrid. Apple has tried to reinvent the wheel with the iPad pro, even though the wheel (MacBook) is already close to perfect, they choose to compromise on the keyboard, viewing angle and multitasking whilst in “laptop mode”.

      The iPad Pro is simply stunning as an iPad but it could be so so much more when being used as a laptop, so good in fact you would not have a need to buy anything else. I understand why Apple have chosen this route but it’s short sighted in my opinion.

  2. MDN just likes to criticize nowadays. I still despite the whining like reading this blog and would want to support its ad driven unblocked access. Yet if I did that it throws me an irritating too many times into the App Store.

    So, I have no choice but use an ad blocker.

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